Grief and gratitude are kindred souls, each pointing to the beauty of what is transient and given to us by grace.” ~ Patricia Campbell Carlson

Listening to our community over these last years, it is clear that our mission to share the gifts of grateful living has a particularly meaningful place in the lives of those who are dealing with loss and grief, in their many and varied forms. Whether our hearts are heavy with the loss of someone important to us, the loss of aspects of our own lives, or the losses we feel in – and for – the world around us, Gratefulness offers itself as a sanctuary.

In response to what we hear as a calling in our community and the world right now, we have created a dedicated space within our website where a wide variety of resources addressing Grief and Loss have been organized and can now be easily found. It is our intention to continually expand and enrich this area of focus.

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Quote: Patricia Campbell Carlson, Photo: Endro Lewa
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We are, and will be, here to provide a holding and healing space; an unconditional, warm welcome 24 hours per day, every day of the year for the tender-hearted around the world. Some come to light candles, some to read stories of others coping with broken hearts, some for inspiration as they navigate a terminal or chronic illness, some for guidance as they grieve, some for inspiration to navigate another day, and some for connection and community. All come seeking the sense of grace, encouragement, resilience, and perspective that gratefulness can offer.

May this be a place to sink safely into the truth of your tender heart.

Our hope: May this be a place to sink safely into the truth of your tender heart. May this be a harbor where you feel comforted in your unique challenges and reminded of your connection to your larger human family. May gratefulness offer a sanctuary where grief and gratitude hold one another in close communion, and where you are reminded that you are always at home.

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