“As long as we are still breathing, our bodies carry everything we are, everything we undergo, and everything we will become. The body is our sacred home.” 

Kristi Nelson, Wake Up Grateful
Photo: Claudia Van Zyl

The year 2020 brought a shared global awareness of both the power and frailty of our bodies. We saw Covid-19 spread through bodies across the globe, witnessed the power of bodies standing together for justice, and were painfully reminded of the ways that some of our bodies are more vulnerable than others. And through it all, every one of us around the globe was asked to maintain physical distance from even those most precious to us — to keep our body apart in order to keep it healthy. 

That we are all now masked and our bodies have become a necessary focus in our public dialogue is both disorienting and heartbreaking. Yet there is, within this moment, a compelling invitation and opportunity. What if we took this very poignant time in the world to pause and reflect on the extraordinary gift that is our body?  What might emerge if we slowed down enough to acknowledge the sacredness of our body — all of the ways that it works beautifully, alongside all the ways it struggles? And in what ways does connecting gratefully with our bodies allow us to connect more compassionately with one another?

Please join Kristi Nelson and Sheryl Chard, Director of Education and Programming, on Saturday, January 30, 2021, 11:00-12:30 ET, for this experiential online mini-retreat. You can access a time converter here, if needed. Participants will be invited into a series of reflections and activities that nurture deep appreciation for our bodies and open us to greater tenderness and awe. The retreat will include teachings and practices from the book Wake Up Grateful.  You do not need to have a copy of the book for the retreat, but if you do have one, please bring it to the gathering.

This retreat is offered free of charge, although we will invite you to make a donation as you’re so moved. Please register early; registration is open until Wednesday the 27th at Noon ET or until we reach capacity.  On Thursday the 28th we will send all participants a Zoom link and important pre-retreat information. We very much look forward to being in community with you..

Registration has closed. We look forward to your participation in future events!