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  1. M

    Love would insist on the highest welfare of the beloved, no matter the cost to the lover.

    3 years ago
  2. Javier Visionquest

    Love attracts, fear repels. We exist in a paradigm of duality.

    3 years ago
  3. Malag

    Deeply accept people who they are. Get past the barricades. Drop the masks (metaphorically speaking only!).

    3 years ago
  4. d

    Well, let’s just see!

    3 years ago
  5. M

    Love would expand and multiply. It melts the icy heart and mends the broken heart. It unites individuals to each other and to our world. Love is the opposite of isolation in all ways.

    3 years ago
  6. d

    Correct a lot of craziness.

    3 years ago
  7. Jazzmina

    Love would heal the world. Love would end all suffering.

    3 years ago
  8. Don Jones

    In this human form, a state of being that depends on nothing, yet at the same time is available to and engaged with everything.

    3 years ago
  9. Elaine

    There would be reverencing and cherishing of humanity and the whole of creation.

    3 years ago
    1. Linda

      I always appreciate your responses, Elaine.

      3 years ago
  10. Linda

    Love allows us to share the burdens–and joys–of being a human in this world.

    3 years ago
  11. L

    Love brings happiness and joy. Love is trust. Love is security. It should be more like what *does* love do, rather than what *would* love do….because that implies that love isn’t already present in our lives.

    But then I can also say Showing love would bring a smile to someone else’s face….it would brighten their day…it could turn around their mood and outlook on the day or on life…

    3 years ago
  12. O.Christina

    It feels to me that love does what serves Love, as good as and any way possible.

    3 years ago
  13. Chung van Gog

    Heal my fear and anxiety. Regain the courage to be fully me, fully alive.

    3 years ago
    1. Linda

      I wish you the best in this journey, Nona.

      3 years ago
  14. Journey

    Love heals, love dissolves anger, love breaks down barriers, loves opens doors, love saves lives. Love creates. Love is the answer to everything.

    3 years ago
  15. Antoinette

    Love shines !

    3 years ago
  16. SirPee

    Love would conquer every evil and pestilence in the world, and Peace would reign.

    3 years ago
  17. Katrina

    Such a poignant question today, and one I wish every politician would ask before opening their mouths, casting a vote, tweeting or posting. But it is enough that I would ask it of myself, before I do any of the above.

    3 years ago
  18. Cintia

    Everyone feels sad sometimes, just like everyone can feel joyful, angry, proud and plenty of other emotions. Those feeling are always changing.

    When I face these bad situations, I may have unhelpful or negative thoughts about sadness. And those thoughts can make me feel worse.

    So, I ask myselft: What would love do?

    3 years ago
  19. devy

    Love brings peace and acceptance to each person including ourselves and conquers hate and prejudice… The world is looked at as a better place full of compassion and positivity

    3 years ago
  20. Christine

    Never leave you ❤️.

    3 years ago
  21. Mary Pat

    EverythingCarol wrote in her poem so beautifully…love does it all.

    3 years ago
  22. Patricia

    What it always does. Heal. Redeem. Comfort. Bring us closer to the image of God.

    3 years ago
  23. Marnie Jackson

    Love accepts and encourages

    3 years ago
  24. Carol Christine

    What Would Love Do?

    Explode into a powder to land
    on everyone, everything, delicate,
    faintly warm and scented, like something
    for a baby, and after that, no voices
    raised, no sudden movements
    but sunlight breaking through every
    possible crack or rift,
    expanding to light up the world
    with soft glints from the powder
    that shoot crackling messages across
    the waters, between mountaintops, into hearts
    and minds and souls, bringing breath
    and life to kinder notions.

    3 years ago
    1. pkr

      Dear Carol Christine, thank you for sharing your words & thoughts. Quite touching & beautiful, peaceful…..❤️

      3 years ago
    2. Mary Pat

      Thank you, Carol, for sharing your gold. Because this poem is gold……

      3 years ago
    3. K

      This is beautiful!!

      3 years ago
    4. Patricia


      3 years ago
      1. Carol Christine

        Thank you – I wrote that during the covid shutdown and then saw the prompt this morning, so I had to share it here.

        3 years ago
  25. Dusty Su

    An often asked question that requires action from me. All the way from simply shutting my mouth to dedicating incredible energies for 10 years to help change laws to free thousands of prisoners. Of late, love also tells me to make sure I am better cared for within the sacrificing for love.

    3 years ago
  26. EJP

    “The fruit of love is hope. The fruit of hope is service. The fruit of service is love.” -Mother Theresa.

    3 years ago
  27. Howie Geib

    We can be deceived, so easily it seems, by this dynamic of love as an action word. It is of course true. And yet, many times I have come to appropriate that which I discover I love. Acquisition is not necessarily protection. To take something or someone as one’s own is not always nurturing. Maybe I am not fully developed in this arena, for sure, yet it seems the truest and purest love I have experienced (both receiving and giving) has the room freedom gives. So love liberates. Love teaches. Love alleviates and softens even the most bitter experiences (like grieving). It also demands from me a certain clarity. It is sometimes work. To really see through the fog of struggling with my own conflicting interests and selfishness to find the right path. For my own self interest is often in opposition to the welfare of that which I profess to love. Love can compel sacrifice. And, for sure, it can be like a picnic on a beach in summer. Perfect in its simplicity and with an ease and comfort which overwhelms all pain and stress, worry. That is love we bask in. And I cherish those times as much as anyone. And I know it is not simply this. It is not always easy.

    3 years ago
  28. sunnypatti48317

    Love would love!

    3 years ago
  29. Michele

    Heal came to mind but love does it all.

    3 years ago
  30. Kevin

    What WILL love do? Everything.

    3 years ago

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