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  1. Malag

    My aunts were my favourite as a child. They used to come visit us in the summer, pamper us as only aunties can, and ply us with goodies.

    3 years ago
  2. Maeve

    My sister’s husband Adam is and continues to be one of my favorite relatives. He married my sister after her divorce and has been the greatest warm, loving, humorous addition to our family anyone could have, as well as a wonderful step-father to my two nieces.

    Thinking back to my 2 nephews and 2 nieces: They were my favorite relatives to be around when they were little! Especially delightful, as children. Maybe that’ because I like kids. (Maybe that’s why I’m still teaching elementary children.)

    My paternal aunt Elsie was cool. She was a mid-wife with Madonna House lay apostolate, and had worked in many different parts of the world. I especially enjoyed her visiting us in Albany, when I was in high-school. I did not see her frequently in my life, but I was with her for several days when she was dying, and that was a gift.

    My parents have been gone and I still think of them a lot. Wish I could talk to them and get to know them.

    3 years ago
  3. Tori

    My favorite relative is for sure my Grandmother! She is just literally my guardian angel on earth. She always puts others before herself and always willing to take anyone in and help when they need it. She is my inspiration and who I aspire to be in my everyday life. She is a selfless woman and too amazing I’m grateful I have her in my life.

    3 years ago
  4. SK

    Absolutely my Grandma Ike on my mother’s side; Grandpa Dave on my father’s side; and grandpa Fred (my Grandma edna’s second husband- French Canadian). They loved me; gifted me;

    3 years ago
  5. s

    I feel a great connection to my Father’s favourite cousin as I was named after her – even though I never met her! My one and only blood niece who was almost born on my birthday (missed by an hour or so!), my parents (of course!), aunts, uncles..
    And again, I am so proud of my Irish/Italian family although I don’t really know them!!!
    Strange how people you don’t know can matter so much!

    3 years ago
  6. Don Jones

    The story tellers – sitting on the front verandah hanging off every word.

    3 years ago
  7. Dusty Su

    Those who are my family by choice. Most dead, some alive, more being found.

    3 years ago
  8. P
    Peter Butler

    Hi Brother, Who lives in rural Southern California. We have a playful relationship, with much simple affection underneath.

    3 years ago
  9. Linda

    My grandmother, who was a haven of love for us.

    3 years ago
  10. Mica

    One whom I didn’t often see was my Aunt Elizabeth, a fun person who acted more playfully than my little bro and I, when we all hiked to a stream together. I told my daughter about her recently.

    3 years ago
  11. k'Care-Reena


    My favorite relatives are those who are loving and open-minded. The most toughest religious yet open minded and welcoming PERSON in MY LIFE is my Great Grandma LaLa. She has been protecting our family till this day. Her physical body is no longer with us however her spirit is always around. Because my Lala was extremely religious yet opened minded and non judgmental at all. I would visit her before I would go to parties late at night with my big sis. She would pray for us and protect us, even our friends. She was NEVER the type of person TO PRESSURE anyone to share the same belief’s she has had. On the contrary she was always so patient w/ those who had different values as she did. She is a Superhuman however she was able to be honest and express her mishaps, which glorifies no one is perfect and. we will still be accepted.My other relatives are Dad, Mom, Sis, Big Bro, Little Cousins [Kels & Heaven, Ken and Kaneen], Titi Ma-girls, Grandma Gena, Abuelo, Big Cuzzo’s Yael, Tio James, Titi Eileen, Tio Michael, Na Na, Margie, Saiyto, Carlos, Tita, Tio Sali, Titi Eli, Leeroy, Little Cuz Carlos, Tio Carlos, Moonie & kids , Paola, Cuzz Manuelito. These are my immediate family who I relate to and have grown with and from. I can truly say the names listed have impacted my life and made me who I am today! I love you and CHERISH you all !!!

    3 years ago
  12. Toni

    I have fond memories of all my relatives growing up. I’m grateful to have know all of them and miss them all those who have gone and those who are still alive. My immediate family grew up in the same apartment building. One by one they moved to the suburbs. I joined a religious cult who made me feel like family until I woke up after moving 17 times in 20 years and praying for God to show me if this is how he wanted me to live. I got out, thank God! I have been living alone for 21 years with my old cat for 19 and a half and now my new kitten.

    The few family members that are left I seldom get to see regardless of the pandemic. We have not kept up during the pandemic although I tried to get something going with zoom to no avail. There is an occasional text between us. It’s very sad to me since we all grew up so close in proximity. I speak to my sister a few times a week. She speaks to my older cousin and that’s how I find out how the rest of the family ( two married couples and one child the children of my older cousin). The couples have their responsibilities to their in laws and their mother (the oldest cousin) goes where ever she is invited. I am single and left out and don’t live that close to them in distance. It is very unfulfilled to say the least. No one knows how the other is feeling or cares to find out. We grew up with the dynamics of adult children of a raging alcoholic. (our grandfather) The indirect communication is classic of this disfunction. I learned this after years of therapy and formal and informal education They only thing that suffices as communication is when I send videos or pictures of my new kitten and they respond. It’s very heartbreaking for me. i am single and live alone and this pandemic deepened my feelings of isolation and loneliness. I turn to meditation, prayer and this site and keep trying to be authentic in sharing my feelings. Not that it matters to anyone but me since I don’t have an outlet. At least I get to express and hopefully release some of this pent up sorrow and disappointment. I’m doing the best I can trying to live in the day and I find solace in knowing that this too shall pass. At least here with all of you I am not alone. Yesterday I prayed with people all over the world for water protection. That too made me feel connected to people and mother earth. So this question triggered deep feelings of lack of connection that I still long for and get when and where I can. Thank you all for being here.

    3 years ago
    1. Michele

      This is a comforting site knowing we are all here for each other- it is very uplifting.

      3 years ago
  13. pkr

    My favorite relatives were my Grandma S., my mom’s mother. Maime was the kindest, sweetest, most gentle woman ever. On my dad’s side was my Aunt MaryRose, my dad’s sister. A very bright, caring woman. Thee best conversationalist ever. She always made me feel important because she always asked me questions about me.
    Now, my favorite relative is my 1st cousin Lisa. She truly is a saint. Always so kind, ready to help and always smiling. I am very blessed to have her in my life. 🙂
    Happy Spring All…🌸🌷

    3 years ago
  14. Cathie

    My grandmothers! Not having charge of my upbringing they just loved me and I could rarely do wrong:) From one I learned our family had a strong intercessor and how to reach out. From the other I learned the importance of time for prayer/ritual and how to be peaceful amidst challenges!

    3 years ago
  15. Holly in Ohio

    Happy vernal equinox everyone!

    I was quite isolated from my relatives, in sort of a strange way. I was the far youngest in two generational gaps. My second cousins (which should have been 20 or more years younger) were older than me. My aunts and uncles were more than 50 years older than me. I had three grandfathers and four grandmothers, but I only knew two of them, and those very little. Just maybe two memories each. Even my brother and sister, being so much older, were gone by the time I was six, and then there were just brief annual visits while I was a child. I had a brother and sister, but was an only child… weird.

    But I have made efforts to “know” my relatives and understand them. I reached out when I could, and when I couldn’t, I researched, and became a genealogist. I collected stories of family members, close and further back, past the American Revolution, through the Mayflower and beyond. The stories helped me understand how I got here.

    I don’t have favorites, unless you count my mother. I have a few people I consider family, too, and who’s friendship has spanned decades. But I’m very glad to have formed a relationship with my brother in recent years, even though we are different and live far apart. Even though I have never met his wife or step children, or been to his home.

    It is easier to have relatives when you see the world the same way or you are in the same place or the same time. But relatives are a special blessing in that you can NOT see things the same, and yet, you’re still family. It is a treasure I’m not likely to overlook.

    3 years ago
    1. Mica

      Thank you, Holly in Ohio, for your unusual story. I have no nieces/nephews or first cousins, but you were much more isolated from relatives than I.

      3 years ago
  16. M

    I no longer have any favorite relatives, because each one who used to be a favorite has since made life decisions I judge to be wrong. – And there’s the rub–that judgment thing. Maybe it’s time I walk that back.

    3 years ago
    1. Holly in Ohio

      I think that’s a wonderful step you are taking. It is challenging sometimes, to love unconditionally, but so worth it to do so!

      3 years ago
  17. Kristi

    My favorite relative is my cousin Sheila. We both grew up in house full of boys, so it was so nice to have a ‘sister’

    3 years ago
  18. DeVonna

    I’ve always loved the “older generation”, especially the women. I love their stories and fondness for children. The life experience that our elders posess makes them an irreplaceable treasure. One of the saddest aspects of this pandemic is that our elder community has been so hard hit.

    3 years ago
  19. Michele

    It’s hard to choose because I love my family but my mom and my Nanny were huge influences for me. My Uncle Jimmy on my dad’s side (Irish) was hilarious and always made family dinners fun. Happy Spring Equinox everyone:)

    3 years ago
  20. Javier Visionquest

    My wife. She’s sole among my relatives whom I’ve had any choice in being in my life.

    3 years ago
  21. EJP


    3 years ago
  22. sunnypatti48317

    Truly, it’s all of them. They all offer their own unique personalities and insight on life. Gathering with family is one of my favorite things to do, and I can’t wait until the whole of us can get together again.

    As I’m about to get some new relatives, I’m adding them to the list, too. I’ve met a good bit of them and look forward to meeting the rest. I feel so blessed to be joining this family.

    Thank you to my gratefulness family for the love and support. I love you all and hope the love and light that I am radiating reaches each and every one of you. I will “see” you all again when I’m married <3

    3 years ago
    1. Toni

      Happy wedding day! Congratulations and blessings of joy to you and your family!

      3 years ago
    2. pkr

      Sunnypatti, wishing you a very happy wedding day. Cheers to you & your partner. Mazel Tov. ❤️

      3 years ago
    3. Katrina

      Enjoy this beautiful day and all it holds. Congratulations,

      3 years ago
    4. Patricia

      Happy Wedding Day!

      3 years ago
    5. Michele

      I woke up remembering you were getting married today – on Spring Equinox. Blessings to you on your wedding day!

      3 years ago
    6. Christine

      Thank you Sunnypatty! I Wish you a wonderfull 💑 Ans lovely Day.

      3 years ago
  23. devy

    M’y brother is. I’ve really never had any connection to my relatives. My parents ostracized our family from them. There were hard feelings between my father and his siblings so there was never any relationship. As for my grandparents, my fathers parents had passed away before I was born and my mothers left Canada and went back overseas. I only saw them once . The only real connection I have is with my brother. We supported each other during our difficult upbringing. Something I did learn is that important to bury the hatchet and make amends with others. A few years before my father died, he his two brothers reconnected. They lived far and apart and I believe that both knew that their time was coming to an end. I remember them phoning and talking on the phone for hours. My father travelled out west to visit his older brother. A life lesson learned by me..

    3 years ago
  24. Trish

    All of my relatives are fascinating people, as we all are. But….my grandma was my girl & I’m forever grateful for the time that I got to spend with her, particularly during her last few years on this planet. She was wise & funny and extraordinarily beautiful. She found peace & contentment in the simple pleasures of life. She loved peppermint patties & vanilla milkshakes & volumes of family photos. So many great stories….❤️

    3 years ago
  25. Lioness

    My auntie Debbie has been and still is such an inspiration to me.

    3 years ago
  26. Kevin

    Every single one of them, living or not.

    3 years ago
  27. Howie Geib

    I love that this is plural! As it is my father’s side of the family. As a group they embody, generation after generation, the kind of unit that defines family. Gatherings are merry, crises offer opportunities for collaboration and support. They are fond of large meals (in terms of numbers of guests), good conversation, and education. They are witty as the importance of good humor spans a hundred years. The dominant gender (numerically) is/was women. So, there is that.

    Speaking of families! I am thinking, in the predawn stillness and peace of this Saturday, of our friend Sunnypatti. I am so happy for you, and send my heartfelt good wishes to you and your betrothed!!! Happy Day!!!!

    3 years ago
    1. Trish

      Here’s to Sunnypatti!! And to small & large families everywhere!

      3 years ago
      1. Holly in Ohio

        Yes, here’s to her happy beginning!

        3 years ago

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