“I am so grateful for this work of love and service. It is easy to be pulled off into the anger and stress of the world’s problems, forgetting that gratitude guides us to more effective spaces in our lives.”

We are a donor-supported non-profit organization. Every day we receive moving testimonials about the difference our work makes in people’s lives. Each donation we receive touches many lives and has meaningful impact.

“Grateful living has helped me dwell in joy and gratitude despite 18 years of a challenging, disabling illness.”

As a supporter, this gratitude is also meant for you. Share in the words of our community:

Grateful Living is sustained by generosity. Together, we make a difference. Please consider contributing to our year-end campaign. Thank you!

“In a world full of negativity and bitterness, A Network of Grateful Living is the antidote. I appreciate being reminded that life is good, that there is an abundance of wonder and joy, and that for the most part, people are generous. I support the work of the Network because in my opinion there aren’t many who are looking to remind the world of how much we have to be grateful for.”