May this day be a constant canticle of gratitude from now on till I retire tonight.

May I welcome any negative event with gratitude for the growth
it will produce in my life.

May I face every single encounter with gratitude for the manifestation
of divine love it represents.

May I react to any disgruntled, depressed, angry or sad face with gratitude
that my blessings can uplift and help dissolve them.

May I eat my meals with gratitude for all those who have participated
in bringing them on to my table.

However tedious, unimportant or boring my work may appear, may I perform it with the understanding that the very act of giving thanks can profoundly transform it.

And above all, may I understand that the choice between complaint, indifference, and gratitude is mine at every…moment of my life.

Pierre Pradervand, from a forthcoming Book of 365 Blessings.

Photo by Hans Braxmeier