Noticing resistance in our body can, perhaps surprisingly, offer us a gateway to acceptance. Rather than binding us to a particular idea about reality, being with our experience of resistance can help us navigate even the most challenging circumstances with more ease and greater capacity for learning.

As you move through your day, bring gentle awareness to the felt-sensations of your body. Notice in particular how your body feels when you resist something: It might be a piece of news you hear, a conversation you have with someone, a physical condition you’re experiencing, or even a gift you receive. In addition to the felt-sensation in your body, perhaps you notice an emotional response. 

Experiment with simply allowing these felt-responses, trying to refrain from sweeping them under the rug or manipulating them. Acknowledge the sensations. You might play with keeping them nameless or naming them; notice how each changes your experience of the sensation, being mindful to avoid any stories you might have about them. 

Reflect with gentleness and interest on the simplicity of being with your body’s responses to life as they unfold. What does this awaken in you?