Creating something from nothing is essentially the experience of living.

The “blank canvas” offers a literal and metaphorical reminder of the possibility that awaits us in every moment. When we’re willing to greet life with curiosity, we help to both usher in and shape deeply sourced expressions of creativity. Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, you are, in fact, a creator: Creating something from nothing is essentially the experience of living. Cultivating creativity can help us approach our lives as curious artists, invigorating our sense of aliveness.

Photo: Juraj Varga

Find a comfortable space to practice exploring your curiosity through creativity. Choose a medium that speaks to you: It could be an actual canvas, a scrap sheet of a paper, a ball of clay, or even an open space if you’re playing with movement. Gather any other supplies you may need: You might choose to keep the practice simple, using as few supplies as possible, or you might find your practice served by having an abundance of supplies to choose from. 

Begin with a few mindful breaths to ground yourself. Notice any feelings you may have about facing the blank canvas of this moment. Try to let go of expectation and agenda, and instead commit to simply being curious, allowing what wants to emerge to emerge. Let curiosity guide you into movement. Where does your hand or your body want to go? How does the medium want to take shape? When you think what if I did this, let yourself do it. Notice how you navigate the tension between consciously choosing what to do and simply letting it happen, allowing creative force to move through you.

When you feel complete, express gratitude toward yourself for committing to the practice. Resist any urge to judge whatever materialized, and reflect instead on how it felt to follow your curiosity and honor the flow of creativity.

Were you conscious of any particular feelings that arose for you during the process?

How did you move through any moments you may have had of feeling stuck or scripted?

How might you carry elements of this practice into your daily life?

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