How do we seek peace at times when we find our wounds are being touched?

Sometimes we find ourselves holding on to something we know we need to let go of. And sometimes, we find that even though we have done a lot of healing around something, there is still more to let go, forgive, and release. How do we seek peace at times when we find our wounds are being touched?

Here is a sacred practice for deeper healing and seeking peace:

  • Begin this practice by taking three more conscious, deeper breaths.
  • Feel your feet on the floor or the ground.
  • Notice what you are feeling (anger, sadness, fatigue) and hold your feelings gently
  • Release all the pressure you have been holding around your feeling–trying to control it or contain it
  • Allow your feelings to simply be
  • Now imagine yourself holding out a bowl and allowing yourself to fill the bowl with your wound, situation and feeling
  • Release everything into the safe container of the bowl
  • Next, see yourself handing the bowl to God, to the One who loves you with an infinite love
  • You could say: Here, here is my pain, my wound, heal me
  • Trust and believe that you can let this go into bigger hands, and it can be healed.

There are times in our healing journey, when it’s best not to try and do anything anymore. Not to pick at the scab, or stare at the wound. But to respond in faith that by letting go and surrendering, you will receive healing.

Colette Lafia

Colette Lafia

About the author

Colette Lafia is a San Francisco-based spiritual director, workshop leader, and writer. She is the author of Seeking Surrender: How a Trappist Monk Taught Me to Trust and Embrace Life, and Comfort & Joy: Simple Ways to Care for Ourselves and Others. Colette has a passion for helping people connect more deeply with the presence of the sacred in their daily lives and blogs about it at