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Welcome to DAY 2 of our practice. Let’s begin…

Please close your eyes while you take three slow, deep breaths. Then open your eyes and read today’s commitment. Most of us live in societies where our economy relies upon us to experience our desires as needs and so to examine and question what we truly need can feel uncomfortable and somewhat subversive.

Let the words settle into your being. “In thanksgiving for life, I pledge to overcome my GREED, that confuses wants with needs, by trusting that enough for all our needs is given to us and to share GENEROUSLY what I so generously receive.”

    • Throughout the day, experiment with gently questioning your “needs.” Ask yourself: Do I need that extra serving of pie? Do I really need to be right? Do I need that new phone? Do I need reassurance that I am OK?
    • Notice how it feels in your body when you think you need something.
    • What happens when you don’t immediately fill that need, but rather see it as a “want” and let it pass?
    • Practice being generous. Give something meaningful to someone else today — the larger portion of pie; recognition of someone’s hard work or kindness; your time or full attention even though you may be feeling you don’t have time to spare. How does it feel? What impact does your generosity have on those around you?
    • Commit to discerning between needs and wants, trusting that there is enough for all of our needs.

“It is a powerful practice to be generous when you are the one feeling in need.” ~ Allan Lokos”

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