Gratefulness is a transformative approach to life. Vast and unconditional, it makes room for everything — beauty, suffering, mystery, difficulty, and wonder.

We know you know this: gratefulness is far more than a passing feeling of gratitude. Gratefulness is a transformative approach to life. Vast and unconditional, it makes room for everything — beauty, suffering, mystery, difficulty, and wonder. It opens us to blessing and appreciation, and allows us  to learn and grow directly in the midst of the “great fullness” of our lives.

Grateful living offers guideposts and touchstones to help fill our moments with greater presence, resilience, engagement, joy, and more. As a path and practice, it can transform lives. And it does.

Making it Meaningful

All over the world, every hour of the day, people from all walks of life turn to A Network for Grateful Living as a trustworthy source of meaningful reminders about what matters most. Every month, nearly 100,000 people visit us at — many of them daily or weekly. Our Word for the Day email is the first thing to greet almost 50,000 people each morning, and our social media community now numbers well over 100,000 people daily.

We are a small non-profit with a huge reach, making a big difference. While the exact impact of our work may be hard to measure, we know that what we offer matters immeasurably; we hear it from people every day. We offer hope and courage to those coping with illness, loss, and hardship. We help remind people of their gifts and the poignant gifts of life. We advocate for love, compassion, and respect. We champion beauty and generosity, and we encourage people to make a difference with their lives.

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Keeping it Sacred

We offer the sanctuary of gratefulness in the midst of an increasingly frenetic online world. In alignment with our values and mission, we have no ads or sponsorships, and we do not charge for any of our basic offerings. People know that they can use our site for minutes or hours in peace, for free, and emerge restored, moved, and uplifted to live out their lives with greater courage of heart.

Keeping our website sacred is vital to us. This means we need to look to those who most value and understand our work to help us cover our monthly operational expenses, grow our organizational capacities and reach, and keep the sanctuary sacred.

Sustaining the Heart of Gratefulness

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