“Gratitude is so basic and so important. Thank you for everything you do to remind us of our many blessings and of our inherent gratitude.”

“I have received so many thought-provoking messages from gratefulness.org- and have shared many of them- a wondrous way to start each day. Thank you.”

“Since the death of my daughter, I’ve received Word for the Day and have been so incredibly inspired and uplifted by them. The importance given to gratitude even in the midst of profound grief helped me to heal. I’m so, yes, grateful to you all.”

“Your Word for the Day keeps me from slipping on that ever-present banana peel!”

“Thank you for being. You are one of the sustainable things that helps me sustain a grateful mindset.”

“It is time to help with this lovely service that I have shared with friends. I hope to make ongoing contributions to this work and give my thanks to you all.”

“I live in constant pain because of a medical condition so I read your message the first thing every morning to lift my spirits!”

“I’ve been reading your daily messages for so many years! And have forwarded them on at times to encourage others. I love what you do for positive energy in the world!”

“I appreciate your thoughtful selection of quotes, and often find them deeply meaningful and inspiring. I also appreciate the fundamental premise of gratitude as a spiritual practice.”

“In spite of the physical, emotional, spiritual challenges in my life right now, it is a daily reminder to be grateful for what I do have. I need to remember to focus on good and positive thoughts.”

“A very dear and brilliant attorney in his career told me about this site, and how he draws on its wisdom each day. I do the same now. What a special gift to see each morning!”

“Your Word for the Day often provides such a resonant touch of beauty to my soul. I am grateful!”

“Each day I have enjoyed the thought provoking phrases from gratefulness.org. It is a gentle reminder to “be” with integrity each and every day.”

“I believe you do much good with your reminders and the lovely words and good thoughts you spread as seeds to grow into blessings in the garden of the world.”

“Your Word of the day gives me the strength to continue the hard battle to be nobody but myself.”

“This work of yours is an oasis: it has a come-home feeling for which I am so grateful. I can’t send more right now but later on.”

“The monthly letter, the site, and most of all the daily words have been an integral part of my living mindfully, ever since my breast cancer in 2013. I am able to share with others who appreciate it as they too, can practice gratefulness living bit by bit. Thank you.”

“I use your quotes once a month on our “Wayside Pulpit” for the Unitarian Universalist Church of Barre, Vt.”

“In a world where we are constantly bombarded by bad news it is soon refreshing to be reminded of how much we are blessed and how powerful gratitude is.”

“Each day I receive your word of the day. In difficult times, there are days when what you send me reaches deep into my heart and gives me strength and positive energy to face the day. Just looking at your cards and being able to send them brings me peace and joy and I’m sure it does the same to the recipients. Thank you.”

“I am donating because I appreciate the light that shines into my life through your messages.”

“I have enjoyed your quotes everyday for years now. Thank you for the opportunity to look at life through a wide angled lens every morning, even if just for a moment.”

“I came upon your website at a very, very dark and confusing time in my life and since then what you offer to me each day continues to help me find brightness, goodness and peace in every day. THANK YOU!”

“Thank you for your peaceful presence in this world.”

“I find your site brings the gift of peace and centering to my day. It is indeed a God send to my busy life.”

“Thank you for your daily inspiration — you are helping to change the world!”

“I connect with your website daily. It helps me stay connected to the beauty of the world and the people therein when I might otherwise miss it!”

“I start every morning with your messages; they help my heart to sing out into the world!”

“This is a beautiful site, so helpful and clear. I share with my patients.”

“A network for grateful living has become my daily inspiration for prayer time and daily intentions.”

“I love everything about the new website — the photos, the easy navigation, the blogs, the messages and the international community of gratefulness. Keep up the good work!”

“Because 90% of the time the message you send me daily is a reminder of what it is I need to hear when I receive it!”

“Thank you for all the blessings you are spreading through the world.”

“I really enjoy the words of the day and all the rest of your offerings on a daily basis.”

“I love your focus, your website and everything you do.”

“My homepage opens to your word for the day – very beautiful with your new website.”

“I find this website to be a peaceful sanctuary in my online world. Love the new format…”

“I begin my day with your beautiful messages and I want to show my gratitude!”

“Spreading the Peace globally gives to us all, but also needs support from us.”

“I value your work and love the daily words of inspiration and the monthly newsletters”

“I offer what I can because this organization provides me (and others, I’m sure) with so much more. Thank you all for your ministry, presence and continued witness!”

“I am most grateful for your quote of the day. Some days they are right on target with what is happening in my life – amazing thank you.”

“I don’t know how many times I’ve shared A Good Day. I hope that others donate so you reach your goal!”

“In thanksgiving for all you do to help all live a life of gratitude!”

“I donated because this site is one of the most beautiful offerings I have seen online.”

“Thanks for creating a place that feels like a community of caring.”

“I love everything about your website. Enjoy the daily quotes, ecards, and candlelighting. Love resources available.”

“I love your mission and I often use you’re cards. I want to “stay tuned to gratefulness”! Blessings on your ministry!”

“For your help, and the beautifulness of your site.”

“I always appreciate the daily email and often share with friends. Without it, it would be easy to run through my day without remembering the gifts I have received.”

“Thank you for being there. I have used your site many times, suggested it to friends too. A much needed and beautiful resource.”

“The inspiration you send out into the world helps raise the conscious of all of us on the planet. Namaste.”

“So many mornings when I wake up to read the daily gratefulness it fills a need and I appreciate that.”

“Sometimes we all need a few good words to completely change our day. I find that often from Gratefulness.org. Thank you.”

“I feel inspired by the content of your site. Thank you for your thoughtful selections”

“I look forward to the Word of the Day each day and wish it to continue forever. It gives me a moment of reflection and inspiration before I start my day. Thank you for it!”

“Thank you for all that you do. It helps me so much.”

“Your daily postings lift me up each morning”

“The concept of Gratefulness is working at the Aged Care Residents where I volunteer as a poetry facilitator. We start each session with one of your marvelous thoughts for the day then fill the whiteboard with thoughts of our own.Thank you”

“The new site is 1,000 times better than the old and MUCH easier to navigate. I now send people there regularly when I didn’t before – it just seemed so dated and confusing to me. Congratulations to everyone involved. Yay!!”

“I met Brother David in Chartres on retreat and was immediately drawn into his message of gratitude in “all” things. His words and grateful spirit have remained with me during the past years…during suffering, significant losses AND jubilant moments. Giving often comes easily, but graciously receiving another’s gift was a powerful lesson I carried away from this valuable retreat. It’s pure joy to begin the day with a message of gratefulness and through our spiritual glasses pray for our troubled world, even amidst this suffering there are lessons of gratitude. The e-cards, candles have given inspiration to so many in my network. Blessings on your work!”

“I try to truly practice gratitude each and every day. I have been blessed with much for which to give thanks. The daily emails from gratefulness.org inspire me and support my practice. Thank you!”

“I have been receiving the daily messages for years now and pass along news about this wonderful site to as many people as possible. Fostering gratitude in my own life and encouraging others to do the same will lead us all to a more compassionate worldview. Thanks for all you do!”

“The daily messages inspire my life, help me grow as a person, and help me stay focused on gratitude which has changed my life.”

“I look forward each morning to reading my quote for the day; then I share them via email and with the people I talk to throughout the week. Thank you.”

“Thanks for this amazing website. It truly does change the way you look at life. Everyday you feel blessed regardless of what one may call good times or bad.”

“Your site provides me encouragement to care for my husband who has dementia.”

“We need to be reminded to be grateful. We need inspiration and a spiritual environment”

“I read your quotes every morning to start my daily meditation. They are not the run of the mill quotes. You find unique sources and I truly appreciate them and the work you do.”

“Gratefulness.org and Brother David have been a positive, uplifting force reminding me not only to count my blessings but to pass them on to others. Love.”

“Your site is wonderful – very calming and reminds me to slow down and appreciate what I have and the world in which I live. Your beautiful video, “A Good Day” is a daily staple. I have also sent it to my Mom who, at 87, is very lonely since my Dad died, and she was so happy to have it.”

“The beauty of this website is a huge comfort and encouragement to my life. I recommend it to all my bereaved parents support group members, too. Grief requires us to work at feeling grateful . . . it is “the way”.”

“I am so grateful for so many aspects of gratefulness.org. I am most grateful for the free e-cards that enable me to send heartfelt messages to so many. Thank you.”

“The Grateful Living community contributes to our vitality and infinite potential. THANK YOU!”

“My work is stressful and demanding and the Word of the Day helps me stay centered and focus on what is important in addition to seeing the world in a different way”

“Gratitude may be the most important aspect of my life, my spirit. It needs to be charged every day — and your message gets the process started.”

“The constant availability of Presence, gratitude, joy through your website is a comfort. I’ve visited at 3 in the afternoon, and 3 in the morning, in prayer and gratitude, tears and joy. I’ve sent cards, visited angels of the hours, and watched Brother David. What a gift.”

“I share the quote of the day with my homeroom students. It is a great way for us to begin our day. I am grateful that the quote comes to me each day. That saves me heaps of planning time.”

“I applaud the wonderful influence Gratefulness org. has had on the world, reminding us to be grateful for what we do have and be generous to those who still suffer.”

“When I am in the presence of brother David, I feel in the presence of unconditional love I am grateful for the message of gratefulness and am able to practice it is also appreciate deeply the staff also the name of the person in particular I cannot recall”

“I was raised with much negativity and many of my major life decisions were fear-based. Awareness of the empowerment gratitude brings has enriched my life and supported my spiritual growth. Blessings always and all ways has become my mantra with the awareness that gratitude opens the door to life-giving presence.”

“My son was killed in an auto accident Nov. 21, 2013. Gratefulness.org has been a source of wisdom, comfort for me since 1998, but especially since his death. I share the site with his daughter, now six years old.”

“I have been receiving your emails for quite a while, even years, actually. Gratefulness is such a part of my living now, a part of me now, and I am more than sure the concept got a good jumpstart right here.”

“I live with a brain injury and a severe headache. Sometimes I forget to count my many blessings. Thank you for daily inspiration.”

“One of the first things I do every morning is to read the word for the day. The words help me settle into the day, sometimes providing just the right words to bring meaning to a specific issue I have been reflecting on. I am so grateful to you for the work you do. Thank you.”

“Thank you so much for all the goodness you bring to the world through the daily gratitude quotes, information on your website, etc. Many, many heartfelt thanks!”

“You have given me so much over the years. Insight, peace and inspiration.”

“I have enjoyed different offering on different e-dresses. They enrich my time on the computer.”

“ANGL means a lot to me and I would like it to keep going and reach even more people all over the world.”

“I have been receiving your emails for quite a while, even years, actually. Gratefulness is such a part of my living now, a part of me now, and I am more than sure the concept got a good jumpstart right here.”

“Thank you for all the time and effort you put in to make the world a more beautiful place. I am truly grateful.”

“When I am in the presence of brother David, I feel in the presence of unconditional love I am grateful for the message of gratefulness and am able to practice it I also appreciate deeply the staff also [the name of the person in particular I cannot recall].”

“I applaud the wonderful influence Gratefulness org. has had on the world, reminding us to be grateful for what we do have and be generous to those who still suffer.”

“Your daily gratitudes feed my spirit and your e-cards provide an uplifting alternative to standard greeting cards. My gift reflects my appreciation and limited means.”

“I donated because I greatly appreciate the good work gratefulness.org does in the world. Keep it up, please…you are needed!”

“I first read Brother David in the mid-80s. His work profoundly influenced my life. I notice that others have picked up on his work on gratefulness. I can’t say enough about him!”

“This website had been my constant companion through months of grief. I am a better person because of what I have learned from the people who come here.”

“For less than a dollar a day, a friend and I find daily inspiration from the Word(s) for the Day. Thank you for providing this way to shine a special light on the happenings of the day.”

“A friend forwarded a Quote for the Day to me, and I signed up for the daily dose of gratitude. It sets the mood for the day and brings a smile to my face. I often use the brief quotes on my sidewalk sign for my healing practice. People halt for a moment, and the smile spreads. Thank you!”

“Gratitude always makes the rough spots in life bearable.”

“Keep up the good work.  Love never ends and Gratefulness is the best choice.  Thank you.”

“These little gems of gratitude often spark a fire in my heart; a fire that I sometimes forget is already there. Thank you.”

“I check Gratefulness.org every morning before my day begins. In fact, some nights when I am not sleeping, I go to my email to see if I’ve already entered your grateful words for the day. U r quite the inspiration! I even have printed many words of wisdom and taped them on doors in my house for me and all who visit to read. Thanks, not just from the bottom of my heart, but my whole heart thanks u.”

“The daily note wakes me up to the rest of the world. I appreciate the tap on the shoulder.”

“We lost our lovely boy two years ago in a road traffic accident 30.9.2013. He was 23 years old; we love and miss him every single day. For all mums, dads and siblings who have lost boys and girls… Loving you always until we meet again.”

“I love your website and often send cards. Thank you for this wonderful place to come.”

“Your free cards are beautiful and I have found them so helpful. And, I’ve been inspired by Br David, ever since he visited us in Australia in about 1980.”

“It is a wonderful mission to uplift our world community as we each personally experience life’s seasons of joy, pain, struggle, and growth.”

Comments from our visitors, September 21 – 30, 2015

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