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Begin your exploration of Grateful Living with this collection of courses, practices, and research.


Wake Up Grateful: Open Your Heart to Life

by The Grateful Living Team
A joyful and profound six-week online course exploring the five foundational principles of Grateful Living.

Practices and Questions for A Grateful Day

by The Grateful Living Team
A collection of practices and questions to enrich your experience of our video, A Grateful…
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Eight Ways Gratitude Boosts Happiness

by Sonja Lyubomirsky
Discover eight research-backed ways that practicing gratitude works to make you happier.

What is Grateful Living?

Grateful Living is a transformative, research-backed way of life that brings the abundant gifts of gratitude alive in every moment. As a daily practice grounded in taking nothing for granted, Grateful Living wakes us up to the opportunities that are always available to us, even in the most uncertain and challenging times. 

People around the globe who practice living gratefully experience deeper peace, greater well-being, and an increased capacity for joy. When we orient ourselves to life from gratefulness, we strengthen our spiritual musculature. Over time, this increases our ability to greet whatever happens in our lives more wholeheartedly. Moving through life with a grateful heart has the power to uplift us, make a difference for others, and bring transformation to our world.

Grateful Living is supported by a defined set of principles and practices. The Five Guiding Principles below serve as touchstones for building and deepening your practice, while the simple Stop.Look.Go guiding practice helps you to cultivate greater presence, perspective, and possibility.

The Way of Grateful Living

Grateful Living is supported by guiding pathways, daily practices, habits of mind,
and behaviors that make us more appreciative and available to life. 

These Five Guiding Principles are touchstones to support your practice:

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Life is a Gift

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Everything is Surprise

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The Ordinary Is Extraordinary

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Appreciation Is Generative

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Love is transformative

Benefits of Grateful Living

Awakeness: Grateful Living increases our capacity to be fully present and available. It helps awaken us to what truly matters, and keeps us awake without the need for wakeup calls to remind us to treasure and live our lives fully, now. 

Awareness: As we cultivate greater capacity for presence, there is a freshness to how we can experience our lives. We become aware of all that is surprising, the opportunities available to us in every moment, and the sense of wonder we can cultivate.

Alertness: As awareness grows, we are able to be more alert to the extraordinary nature of what already is and the privilege it is to be able to experience it fully. Filled with a sense of wonder and heart-regard, we can experience life in its abundance. 

Attentiveness: The more that we recognize the extraordinary nature of life and how we are provided for, the more we will be moved to actively tend what we appreciate. We recognize that the focus of our attention brings about the possibility of thriving. 

Aliveness: Enlivened by great fullness of heart, we discover a “life-force of love” within us that wants to be fully expressed and of service. Joy arises as we recognize that through living gratefully we can overflow into being a blessing.

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