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Grateful Gathering FAQs

  1. What are Grateful Gatherings?
  2. How do I join a Grateful Gathering?
  3. What happens at Grateful Gatherings?
  4. Do I need specific experience or education to participate?
  5. What is the time commitment?
  6. Does it cost money to participate?
  7. Is there an age requirement?
  8. What are the rules?
  9. How do I host my own Grateful Gathering?

What are Grateful Gatherings?

Grateful Gatherings are an opportunity to explore grateful living in community. Grateful Gatherings take place at the local level, in person, hosted by members of the community. They can also take place virtually. Through rich discussion, meaningful connections with others, and collective wisdom, Grateful Gatherings help inform and deepen our experience of Grateful Living.

How do I join a Grateful Gathering?

Our Directory catalogues all of the Grateful Gatherings around the world. 

The list features Grateful Gatherings hosts by their first name, preferred email address, and town in which their gatherings take place. To join a group near you, contact the host directly at the email address provided.

If you see multiple hosts in your area, we recommend contacting each of them to find the Grateful Gathering closest to you — or perhaps you might wish to experience multiple groups!

What happens at Grateful Gatherings?

Each Grateful Gathering is different, but here is what you can expect:  

  1. Setting: Once every month, the local hosts pick a date and a place — a home, café, park, or other comfortable and semi-private location — to hold the Grateful Gathering. They may also be held virtually.
  2. Gathering: Depending on the interests of the group, gatherings include thought-provoking questions, personal reflection, guided meditation, and playful activities, all designed to nurture a deeper understanding of gratefulness. Everyone is welcome to participate within their comfort level. Hosts do not present or teach but rather facilitate the gathering as needed to help keep everyone engaged. 
  3. After: Grateful Gatherings can keep in touch via optional Facebook groups (managed by hosts). Between meetings, participants are encouraged to continue the conversation virtually.

Do I need specific experience or education to participate?

No. Everyone, regardless of their experience with or existing knowledge of gratefulness and Grateful Living, is invited to participate. At your first Grateful Gathering, your host will help orient you. If you are newer to Grateful Living, we encourage you to and listen eagerly at your first gathering. 

What is the time commitment?

There is no commitment beyond the time you make to show up at a gathering. Meetings are held once per month, each month of the year, but there is no requirement to attend a certain number in order to participate. Of course, we hope you’ll be inspired to participate in more than one as repeat participation builds connection and cumulative understanding, enriching the community and discussion.

Does it cost money to participate?

Essentially Grateful Gatherings are free to attend; however, if there is a cost related to renting space, your host may invite contributions to cover costs.

Is there an age requirement?

We recommend a minimum age of 18 to participate. However, hosts may use their discretion in admitting people under the age of 18.

What are the rules?

Our Participant Agreement helps ensure that Grateful Gatherings feel like a respectful environment for all.

How do I host my own Grateful Gathering?

We’re glad you’re interested! Please visit this page to learn more.