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  1. Elaine

    I can’t choose. All times of day are my “favourite”, I love the rhythms of daily life. I’m grateful for these inward dark winter days – “wintering” one poet called it – to reflect, pray, read, ponder, listen to music, listen to the radio, watch tv, knit, cook. All of it is good and I don’t take it for granted!

    3 years ago
  2. Malag

    Early morning when I centre into stillness with breathing and meditation and there’s the prospect of teas to imbibe.

    3 years ago
  3. Cathie

    I am a night owl and love the deep, dark, quiet of night. It is when I am most creative and alive. I also love to take full moon walks and hikes at night. I am most grateful for those moments of creativity, and solitude.
    Life doesn’t always lend itself to being a night owl, but when I can swing it, it feels like home.

    3 years ago
  4. Bethany

    My 1 hour drive home from work, I reflect on the day, things I should have done or said differently or things that went well yet could always be improved and how I can attempt to help tomorrow perhaps be better. I am grateful to be able to work, drive and help run a successful business.

    3 years ago
  5. Maeve

    Going to bed. No more pushing myself or doing more. The day is over, and I can rest and relax.

    3 years ago
  6. devy

    The morning watching the sun rise over the horizon. It symbolizes to me a new beginning a new start no matter what happened in the past. The sun shine in light and takes over the darkness… another analogy to fact that even though we will experience bad things they are only temporary and that good times will arise..

    3 years ago
  7. O.Christina

    I love the early mornings, being grateful for moments of stillness before daydawn with all its busy bee- duties ahead, especially in spring, when birdsong accompanies the sun´s appearance, singing everyone into the day ahead.

    3 years ago
  8. d

    The Night time is the right time. Calm and reflect.

    3 years ago
  9. J

    I like the mid-morning since it is when I am awake and ready to tackle the day. It is usually sunny and I have my highest energy. I like feeling productive and excited about the day ahead.

    3 years ago
  10. Hot Sauce

    I’m a night lover. I love when the moon and stars are out because I find the darkness with little glimmers of light more beautiful than pure light (like the day) or pure darkness (like a dark closet). A mixture of light and darkness is the most beautiful and balanced form of beauty to me.

    3 years ago
  11. Mica

    I just think about looking out at the sky and my balcony, and I do that at all times of day. 🙂

    3 years ago
  12. Don Jones

    The first 24 hours – because they are always unique, fresh and an open possibility.

    3 years ago
    1. Mica

      Thanks for the laugh, Don Jones!

      3 years ago
  13. pkr

    One of my favorite times of the day is early morning. I am grateful for this time as it is quiet & somewhat peaceful (before all the construction starts up in my neighborhood ☹️). I spend time with my coffee, prayer, meditation, this site and others. My quiet time sets me right for the day. I need this time, if I don’t have it, I am off all day & not centered & not right. Happy Day to All…🙏❤️

    3 years ago
  14. L

    In the morning around 8:00 AM… there is a certain silence as the rays of sunshine spread across our yard. My garden kitties crunching their dry food, me sipping on my coffee, listening to the birds and the occasional sound of the random neighbors around me walking up for the day.

    3 years ago
  15. Linda

    I love early afternoon. It is warm enough to go out and walk, and the sunshine this time of year is glorious in the afternoons.

    3 years ago
  16. M

    One of my favorite times of day has to be this time right now. When I wake up earlier than needed to just have time to refresh and be present. This is the time I find myself journaling most. It’s such a great way to start off my day and it wires my brain to think positively. I love this practice and I think it’s highly beneficial.

    3 years ago
  17. Carol

    My daily walk but the time varies depending on the weather. I love the fresh air. I love visiting with neighbors who may also be walking, sitting on their front porch or working in their yards. I’ve learned a lot about their lives and petted a lot of dogs!.

    3 years ago
  18. Mary Pat

    In the early morning hours. It is usually the only time of day I am alone, and I treasure it. And if I have insomnia, that time is again, treasured because I am alone without any interruptions…..

    3 years ago
  19. JayJacks

    11:11pm comes to mind. It’s the moment I proposed to my wife at the lake. She said yes and we’ve been inseparable ever since. Also we love to watch the sunset together and when the moon is full we will sit out and look on in wonder. I’m grateful for these moments because I get to share them with someone I love.

    3 years ago
  20. DeVonna

    I love my mornings. They are rich with rituals that comfort me and start my day off right. I spend time in prayerful contemplation each morning. Reading a snippet of scripture and a story that ties in with the scripture on the Upper Room website. I converse with the other visitors to that site through posts, like this one, daily. We share prayer concerns, praises and observations on life. It helps me in many ways, first it connects me with a faith community which is very important to me, secondly it provides me with new insights into my own faith.

    3 years ago
    1. Pilgrim

      I had forgotten all about the Upper Room. I am so glad you mentioned it today DeVonna …. I am going to check it out again.

      3 years ago
  21. Javier Visionquest


    3 years ago
    1. Michele

      I love that you put down a time:)

      3 years ago
      1. Javier Visionquest

        Whether it’s time or not, or if the clock is even accurate, I don’t know. The sequence 1-1-1-8 has followed me around all of my adult life and will jump out of any random array of numerals, as if conscious expressing like a chime, a clear tone, a call to presence.

        3 years ago
  22. Marnie Jackson

    I am grateful for my coffee in the morning. It is calm before the storm of my day. It gives me time to breath, reflect and be self-aware before moving on…

    3 years ago
  23. Christine

    The early morning is my favorite time of the day. I get up at 5 o’clock in the morning and I look forward to my first cup of coffee. After the coffee I walk into the garden, rain or shine, to breathe in the wonderful fresh air. I feel energetic and looking forward to the new day and I am also curious about the surprise of the day.

    3 years ago
  24. Pilgrim

    Morning. Coffee and juice. Reading and listening to music. Heating pads so my body can warm up for movement. Yoga. Often enough, watching the dawn break through the trees. I am grateful b/c, for one thing, I am still here. Also, it feels like invitation and possibility

    3 years ago
  25. EJP

    Early morning with the sunrise, bird song and an amazing cup of coffee…….a fresh start.

    3 years ago
  26. Howie Geib

    Coffee, with the sky outside just beginning to herald the daylight. The birds doing their morning check in, and the air cool. The coming day’s opportunities bright and its challenges blissfully hidden from my view.

    3 years ago
  27. L
    Little Survivor

    Morning calmness and peace. I am grateful for it because it reminds me of peace that is needed in my life.

    3 years ago
  28. Kevin

    Right now, early morning, between 4-6 AM. I farmed for many years, beginning when I was 12 years old, and milking cows found me in the barn at 4 AM every day. Even after I changed careers, and we started a family, I loved getting things done early in the morning before our teenaged daughters got up and took over the entire house before the school bus arrived.
    Each new day is a promise of possibility, hope, and of course a chance to do what didn’t get done the day before. As a new day dawns and I see the sun rise, it means too that I’m here to experience the privilege of living into one more day. Many are denied the chance.

    3 years ago
  29. sunnypatti48317

    Early morning – I meditate, drink coffee and visit this site with my little BC (cat) sitting next to me on the dining table’s bench. I especially love it when I don’t have to be at work because then the sun rises in the big window behind me, and I turn around at random times to check the color the sun brings with it.

    Then in the evenings, I can get a yoga practice in, or depending on the day, drive out to the beach for a walk with my husband and our dog. The beach is wonderfully quiet this time of year, and I love it anytime of day (anytime of year, for that matter).

    3 years ago
  30. Dusty Su

    Sunrise and sunset.
    A.M. Bird song, newness, pick up love with my coffee, time to read, reflect, write, set intentions, 7 directions practice, exercise.
    P.M. Usually comes on the tail of a long meditative walk. Eat, glass of wine, wind down. Watch a movie. Read. Count my blessings through the day’s highlights, send love to myself to pick up with my morning coffee.

    3 years ago
  31. Michele

    When I get home from work and when I go to bed -times for relaxing and letting go of the day.

    3 years ago
    1. Dusty Su


      3 years ago

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