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  1. Holly

    Remembering that darkness holds everything, and can be a protection

    Remembering that darkness shows the way to candlelight

    Remembering that the tree offers shade in blistering heat and that in these troubled times we need shade and a reminder that, like the tree, our roots are in the earth and the sky

    Remembering that the moon held in darkness but recieving light, offers moonlight and enables us to look directly and see two worlds as one (light/dark)

    Remembering a setting sun is possible to see.

    Remembering this life was possible through nourishment of darkness whilst in the womb

    Remembering that sleep supports deep rest and knowing how well i sleep when under ‘dark’ skies.

    Remembering i tend naturally to sleep as it gets dark and to wake as sun rises

    Remembering how in the evening switching lights on often results in a sudden fall away of how much i can see
    Remembering that what you turn away from turns to meet you.

    Knowing that what helps all navigation through dark and bright times alike, day and night times alike, is a ‘light’ a clarity that can see through both, a presence of heart a heart present with love

    3 years ago
  2. Saq-Kiwi1411

    the knowledge that you are never alone, someone is always with you, even if you can’t physically see them

    3 years ago
  3. k'Care-Reena


    Focusing on being peaceful. I have noticed that if I focus on the darkness or the concern I activate my nervous response therefore I focus on the light vs the dark. I think of life and all of its beauties and blessings. My focal point becomes gratitude and peace. Concentrating on a peaceful life and way of being allows me to respectfully engage or navigate in “dark” circumstances/energies.

    4-2-5 Breathe techq. also allows me to calm my nervous system down. Meditating and yoga have a great impact on keeping me peaceful and calm.

    3 years ago
  4. Drew Blanton

    I just stay calm and do whatever I need to do.

    3 years ago
    1. Palm

      Me too, Drew, thanks.

      3 years ago
  5. Dusty Su

    Navigate? Not only navigate, but go to battle with it.

    A rebellious independence and its deep dislike of being controlled and the controllers who want to contain. Plus, a very Autistic sense of justice that is wired to advocate for the underdog, eventually also myself.

    A high-school teacher trying to find a niche for the 14-year-old me put my “Bushman’s lawyer” being on the debating team and in the student union. Channel the argumentativeness, he reasoned. Turn so-called weaknesses into super powers. Monster on the move finally moved on out to educate herself and change the world with love!

    Decades on, it’s turned out to be a bigger job than I first imagined, ha! Oh, well, I putter along because I’m stubborn! But, the dark nights of my soul still haunt, threaten to extinguish its embers, and I must overcome lest I be overcome. Recognized and faced being the first step.

    3 years ago
  6. Don Jones

    We (naturally) look at the stars – drawn to the light like moths. But if I choose, I see the abundant darkness and nothingness upon which the stars fly. The joy and love permeates everything and nothing.

    3 years ago
  7. Carol

    I see both dark and light in the universe, so I can expect them both to be part of who I am. This was particularly difficult when I began to face chronic pain. But I found as I turned toward it and embraced that part of me, the pain lost much of its power over me. It taught me loving kindness toward myself and others.

    3 years ago
  8. d

    The belief that the dark is just a part of what is real. Darkness doesn’t always last forever.

    3 years ago
  9. Hot Sauce

    While I personally push back against the term “dark” for hard times in life (as this can subconsciously reinforce racist assumptions), I will say that there are things that help me navigate through hard times in life. One of the things that helps me most is looking back on similar difficult times and remembering how I overcame them. By looking to the difficult times I have already overcome, I have a map for when something similar occurs in the future.

    3 years ago
  10. SK

    The faith that I’ve been there before and the dark always becomes the light at some point. Anything in life is tolerable because it’s all only temporary. I fall back to memories of love and a good life.

    3 years ago
  11. Mica

    I love darkness – it brings balance to our lives. I’ve written a couple versions of an essay, ‘In praise of darkness.’ It’s so lopsided to say, ‘We are children of the light’ …

    3 years ago
    1. Michele

      I love darkness – made me think of vampires, lol.

      3 years ago
  12. O.Christina

    Although it sometimes is really difficult, to keep faith and hope in heart, to believe in His Love always, which always was and always will be, no matter what at all. And as well, what I learned here and through daily practice, to be grateful, no matter what. This gives me hope, and encourages me to love no matter what. And even if I failed to love, which I slowly believe I am an expert in… , to connect with this inner Light deep inside, which will never cease to shine and His all encompassing Love, which is always present and true beyond time and space, and which connects us all, this holds me, warms me when I feel almost lost in the dark and guides me, To allow this, to give space to this no matter what.

    3 years ago
  13. pkr

    My faith & trust in a higher power. Faith over Fear. 🙏

    3 years ago
  14. EvaDemonia

    The thought that I’ve survived so far and will eventually overcome whatever darkness/challenge I am facing right now. For I believe that if I don’t experience any challenges I won’t be able to see the light and appreciate myself more.

    3 years ago
  15. B

    The stars — those tiny specks of light that guided explorers in the past. That image helps me metaphorically but the most practical behavior I use is to take a long walk.

    3 years ago
  16. amacord

    When I waver and feel fearful I pause and accept that dark times and difficult moments are always a part of life. I think of people who performed heroic acts even as they too had fear: Rosa Parks, Abe Lincoln, Anita Hill to name a few. I also recall past difficult passages I got through and take comfort knowing that this too shall pass.

    3 years ago
  17. Antoinette

    What other options do we have but to navigate in the dark? We are currently experiencing a pandemic! Who knew we would be living during a pandemic and global climate change of this size ?
    These are dark times and by using all of our light we must do our best to help each other !
    What helps navigate is when we cooperate and love each other with understanding and kindness.

    3 years ago
  18. s

    A perfect question for me today. Like someone below, I am reeling from a bad health diagnosis given only this morning, and part of me wants to give in to dark, but years of practise of finding light in the dark encourages me to go on and all the replies below perfectly embody my feelings – a timely reminder that I have learnt I am more resilient than I thought, that I have come through many dark times, that dark enables the light to shine – that “all shall be well”. Thank you. I go on my way much cheered and with love and hope in my heart.

    3 years ago
    1. O.Christina

      From my heart I wish you to become well again, dear sb. May you be wrapped in the warmth and loving kindness of friends and loved ones in this difficult time, and may faith and hope always be with you. May His Love and Light shine and guide you to healing. I lit a candle for you here.

      3 years ago
  19. Katrina

    Like a few others have mentioned – knowing I have wandered in the dark before and have found light again. But I am mindful, as I walk life’s journey with my grandchildren especially, how hard it is to walk beside them when they don’t have this life experience. Advice and platitudes about this don’t help, for they do not have the life experience upon which to trust that his is true. So I do my best to share my life stories and hope they catch my drift, as it were. They are watching and listening, even when they don’t seem to be.

    3 years ago
  20. Cathie

    Faith – that I will pass through this perceived darkness, stronger for it.
    That fear is not holy, that life is messy, that there will be a light – I just may not see it at present.
    And remembering the words of Julian of Norwich – “All shall be well…for there is a force of love moving through the universe that holds us fast and will never let us go!”

    3 years ago
  21. Carol

    Meditation, calling on the strength of my ancestors, praying for wisdom in all situations, nurturing a loving sense of humor, reaching out for professional help when necessary, doing my best not to take myself too seriously and being kind to myself and others.

    3 years ago
  22. Ed Schulte

    A candle burns just as bright in the darkness of night as it does in full daylight where it is not easily seen by the corporeal eyes. The candle doesn’t mind the so-called “darkness” around it…it just keeps giving the gift of light it is.

    Which is the best any human can do as well!

    3 years ago
  23. Howie Geib

    The shadow side is where the work lies. It is where light is needed. Light having a variety of connotations: new learning, bravery, truth finding and telling, growth and confrontations of weakness and fear. These confrontations and their composite sets of resistance are required in order to reveal my soul to my awareness. It is doing the hard things. Every time I break my word, let myself or others down, don’t live up to my own standards, it has been a result of laziness and laxity. Every single time. Knowing this in my bones from experience gives me the fortitude to put one foot in front of the other.

    I cannot do it alone. That’s why we have all come so far together.

    3 years ago
    1. Holly in Ohio

      🙂 🕯

      3 years ago
  24. Amber

    The strength, maturity and wisdom I’ll gain after the darkness passes it’s course. I’m highly drawn to how I persevere and choose to continue forward or simply be still and recognize the guiding light from within me and move with caution and trust that being in the unknown lands the catapult of hope.

    3 years ago
  25. Patricia

    Knowing God is in the dark, too.

    3 years ago
  26. Nelson

    Knowing that I’ve been through tough times before, and yet, I’m still here standing. I’m a survivor. I’m resilient. I have evidence that I can overcome.

    3 years ago
  27. GratefulOne

    God. Yesterday a family member got a bad health diagnosis. There was anger, confusion and despair. At the end of the day after processing it all, I had some choice words for God. I woke up this morning and the sun was there just like every day. And I am coming to terms with the health issue. I trust God and myself to navigate the dark. A good light helps as well!

    3 years ago
  28. DeVonna

    Faith, pure and simple. If I didn’t believe in a loving God…I can’t even finish that sentence, it’s that scary to me.

    I believe.

    3 years ago
  29. devy

    My spiritual faith and my self love and compassion. Focusing on what I have, looking at why I feel a certain way. taking several deep breaths and focusing on the now to help me confront the darkness.

    3 years ago
  30. Kevin

    Many years ago, folk singer Arlo Guthrie, in the middle of a concert, stopped singing a song he was performing and said, “You can’t have a light without a dark to stick it in.” In his classic, impish way, there’s a simple truth in what he said.

    From a spiritual perspective, I learned many years ago that “Light,” spiritual light, that which emanates from an experience of that which is Divine, will land you smack-dab in the middle of darkness and sometimes evil, where oftentimes, “Light” does its best work. Indeed, darkness, cloaked in fear, needs to be faced, understood, and navigated. The more light/Light there is in a place, or something we perceive as good, the more nearby is darkness.

    3 years ago
  31. Holly in Ohio

    Understanding my limits of today, helps me to navigate the dark rather than turn away from it, and shrinks my limits of tomorrow.

    In recovering from trauma, I learned to find “the sweet spot” of gentle pushing to extend my limits without overwhelming myself. It is sort of like exercise. To do nothing is to atrophy. To do too much is to pull a muscle, injure oneself, or get so tired as to quit. So you have to find the sweet spot to feel stronger in facing the dark.

    This month I have been a little overwhelmed and the dark seems threatening, but I keep to the edge of the dark without hiding from it so my world doesn’t shrink or take on an unreal quality, and I give myself love, gratitude, kindness, so that I can again erode the dark.

    Edges in nature are vibrant places. The edge between forest and field, the edge of pond and land, the edge between ocean and land, or even the first inches of soil, edges are teeming with life, activity, and diversity. They are a place for growth and fruitfulness. I think, perhaps, “navigating the dark” along the twilight edge is similar.

    3 years ago
    1. Michele

      “navigating the dark” along the twilight edge’ – this is beautiful. I love everything you said about edges. I know I will look at them differently now:)

      3 years ago
    2. Katrina

      Holly, this is very profound for me. Thanks for sharing. It is not unlike liminal time or space – that time or space when something has gone, but the next has not yet come or is not yet known. But the edge is sharper, yet can be fluid. I really love this. Thanks so much for sharing.

      3 years ago
    3. Mike

      Intriguing observation–edges. I’ll take this with me today. Thank you.

      3 years ago
    4. Howie Geib

      I love your share…and relate so much to it. And yes….edges.

      3 years ago
    5. Amber

      I appreciate your elaboration. I’ll ponder on this some.

      3 years ago
    6. Patricia

      This is a very helpful picture for me, Holly. Thank you. I think about and notice edges in nature a lot, so “navigating the dark along the twilight edge” is helpful (I was going to say “illuminating” — there you go.)

      3 years ago
      1. Holly in Ohio

        Thank you so much, everyone, for your kind words. I’m glad it resonated with you. ❤

        3 years ago
  32. sunnypatti48317

    Faith & trust. Sometimes the moon; sometimes a flashlight! Have a great day, y’all!

    3 years ago
  33. Mary Pat

    Knowing I am not alone, and asking for help if I need it. And again, you go through it and remembering there is Light up ahead.

    3 years ago
  34. Michele

    The moon and stars:)

    3 years ago
  35. EJP

    My faith walking beside me.

    3 years ago
    1. G

      Faith and trust in God as well as a sense of gratitude for the many times in my life that God has pulled me through.

      3 years ago
  36. Christine

    Just the knowing that the light is reaching out to me.
    Every time when I look at the profile picture from “our” Devy, I see a beautiful person reaching out to the sun. But what I also see, is the sun reaching out, with his/her sun beams to Devy.
    The light will never stop reaching out to me. ☀️

    3 years ago
    1. Amber

      Oh how beautiful. I love this.

      3 years ago
    2. Holly in Ohio

      I like that thought, Christine. 🦋

      3 years ago

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