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  1. d

    The understanding that our lives are shaped by not only genetics but also the challenges and adversities we have faced throughout our lives. Kia Kaha.

    2 years ago
  2. Nancy

    See with eyes of curiosity rather than judgement.

    2 years ago
  3. S

    Peoples passion and drive towards it. The true excitement and love they hold towards wanting to achieve something. All the things they’ve gone through and still managing to keep a smile on their face and work towards a better future.

    2 years ago
  4. Brian

    Honest reflection of my own journeys, sympathy and empathy for my fellow human being, and acknowledgment/belief that the journeys of others, while distinct and unique, can be generalized in some manner to opportunities and challenges that we all navigate in varying degrees.

    2 years ago
  5. msmit586

    Acknowledging that I am only responsible for myself and I am only in control of myself. Everyone has their own battle that they are fighting and it is not up to me to judge. Just as much as I would not want anyone judging my journey and the path I choose to take.

    2 years ago
  6. Melamie

    By being kind to everyone. Including myself. If I can’t respect and forgive myself for negative choices. How can I learn to do better. How can I help & respect anyone else 🤔

    2 years ago
  7. Hermann-Josef

    We all started at the same point and meet at the same goal. Isn‘t it interesting how much different ways there are?

    2 years ago
    1. Laura

      Love this. Thank you.

      2 years ago
  8. Mica


    2 years ago
  9. Diane

    By honoring my own journey with all of its peaks, valleys, stumbles, detours, twists and turns… with radical acceptance, radical compassion and loving-kindness. In the words of Jerry Garcia “What a long, strange trip it’s been”
    Om Shanti friends ♥

    2 years ago
    1. Hermann-Josef

      OM Shanti, Diane

      2 years ago
  10. Charlie T

    It starts with the acceptance of my own path and remembering that my judgment is just a projection of my insecurities. Listening to peoples stories with compassion, is one way of showing respect.

    2 years ago
  11. Pilgrim

    I can’t think why I wouldn’t respect the journeys of others. I may at times be curious or interested in others’ pathways, as we all have our own life experiences. If it seems appropriate, or we have connected in some way/s, I may ask gentle questions to further a connection over time.

    On this Tuesday, hello to my friend Diane! I hope that all is well with you and yours!

    2 years ago
    1. Diane

      Good morning friend. I always look forward to our meeting here on Tuesdays….it is a gift.
      Sending blessings for a peace-filled day. ♥

      2 years ago
  12. Barb C

    I’m thinking about this one from the inverse–what do I do if I encounter someone who moves me to a feeling that might not be respect, a feeling that’s the opposite? I suppose I often don’t really think about their journey in the moment. What I’m noticing is the expression of the person they are right now (which of course was formed by that journey). Bringing genuine curiosity in that moment and asking questions that start from a belief in their fundamental worth (however misguided I may feel they are on that particular topic!) would help me relate to them from a place of respect, and in doing so I would actually become a part of their journey for a few moments.

    2 years ago
  13. Samuel

    Simply the knowledge that we all have “masks” that we wear from time to time, and that some of the happiest-appearing people I have known are really amongst the most broken and sad inside. One never knows what “demons” one’s neighbors are wrestling with so it behooves us to be gentle and kind and respectful rather than judgmental of others.

    2 years ago
    1. Linda

      So true, Samuel. Thank you for this reminder.

      2 years ago
  14. O.Christina

    Respecting my own journey as well as others. Accompany my own as well as others with Love. Be true to my own as well as towards others. Value my own choice as well as others. Happy and grateful to be on the path I am, wishing myself to fulfill the path my heart is longing for as well as I wish it for each and everyone. Peace be with you all, dear friends.

    2 years ago
  15. Laura

    By recalling the value of my mistakes and triumphs. If I try to steer someone else’s life journey, I deny them opportunities to gain not only their own hard-won wisdom but also the joy of overcoming their struggles.

    2 years ago
  16. c

    Previous contributors have been helpful in my getting a more expansive understanding of this question. Thank you!
    I am better able to respect a persons journey when I remember that I can’t know another’s ‘purpose of existence on this plane’ and to not hinder this sacred journey. The hard part, or greatest challenges are to remember, be present, and most importantly, to know my own hindrances and have the desire to be of benefit to the other’s good journey in ways that are meaningful to the other.

    2 years ago
  17. EJP


    2 years ago
  18. Julian Daal Childers

    Meditation, Self Introspection, Prayer and things like a gratitude journal help me to become less critical of others. An honest inventory of where I am, where I have come from in proportion of where I want to be helps to keep me humble and see that this is my process.

    Prayer has also been helpful in helping me become more compassionate towards others.

    2 years ago
  19. csalt

    A friend of mine once sent me this comment ” There are no pathways through the desert except the ones we make by walking on them”
    It’s still good to follow in the footsteps of others!

    2 years ago
  20. Don Jones

    My own stubbed toes, bruises, bumps and face-plants!

    2 years ago
  21. Michele

    I’m a bit conflicted on this question … part of me is focused on myself and others journeys are personal and theirs. Respect is earned. If someone is not respectful towards me how can I respect their journey? KARMA.
    Happy Summer Solstice everyone🌞 Bright Blessings:)

    2 years ago
    1. Don Jones

      And Winter solstice!

      2 years ago
  22. Kevin

    Why would I not want to respect the journeys of others? They’re the authority. They were there and I wasn’t. Besides, life is a mutual walk of joys, challenges, hurts and triumphs, and if I expect others to respect my life journey then I need to respect theirs.

    2 years ago
  23. sunnypatti48317

    We all have our own paths, and if I want others to respect mine, I should also respect theirs.

    This made me think of a passage I read last week in this little book called Jesus Calling – June 16 included this:
    “I have called each of my children to a different path, distinctly designed for that one. Do not let anyone convince you that his path is the only right way. And be careful not to extol your path as superior to another’s way. What I require of you is to act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with me – wherever I lead.”

    Enjoy the journey!

    2 years ago
    1. csalt

      That’s a ,lovely comment sunnypatti and so ‘spot on’. Wish I could say I lived by it continually😊

      2 years ago
  24. Christine

    Do I need help I wonder? I often find it impressive how others follow their life path. I can look at that with respect and admiration. Everyone has their own path, their own stumbling blocks, mistakes, good deeds. Who am I to judge and to disrespect.

    2 years ago

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