We don’t need extraordinary things to happen to be grateful. Being alive is marvelous and miraculous in itself.

My gratitude practice invites me to look at the micro-moments in my life. The little things that we often overlook in life can be great teachers. I’m constantly reminded of how meaningful the mundane moments are. This week gratitude met me in rainfall, through food, and wild black raspberries.

This week, I am grateful for:

wild black raspberry bush with red and black berries

The sounds of heavy rainfall and thunder. This week has been pretty rainy in Maryland. I’ve had a slow’ish work week and have felt a little more grounded because of that. Wednesday, I noticed the sky turn dark and heard the roar of thunder make its way through the neighborhood. I got up to open our screened-in deck door. The rain started seconds later—droplets dancing from the sky in what looked like gumball-sized drops. It sounded beautiful. I sat and listened while I made a cup of coffee.

My sister-friend’s amazing macaroni and cheese. Sharing homecooked food is my love language. One of my closest friends is a fantastic cook, and her food immediately brings me a sense of love, comfort, and care. Today I ate the last corner of the mac and cheese and was sad because I wanted more. However, I was grateful that she shared some with me and the family. Her food has carried and comforted me for years, and I have deep gratitude for her generosity and delicious homecooked meals.

Finding wild black raspberries on my 277th walk. On a path by our house, my husband noticed berries growing. I checked the “Picture This” app on my phone to see what they were. Ila, my middle child, loves when we scan plants and flowers to see what variety they are. Low and behold, they were black raspberries! It was such a treat to find them. I tasted a few, and they were so sweet and juicy. Nature is amazing. I’m constantly in awe and grateful by what I discover on my walks. Having that moment of discovery with my family felt extra special and heartwarming.

As I continue on this journey of grateful living, I’m reminded to stay open to the beauty around me. The littlest things have made the most significant difference in my life since my practice started two years ago. Even when I’m not physically adding to my gratitude journal, I still feel myself connected to the moments around me. Now more than ever, I am open, present, and awed by life as a whole. We don’t need extraordinary things to happen to be grateful. Being alive is marvelous and miraculous in itself. Sometimes the most intentional thing we can do is take in what’s happening at any given moment and give thanks for the invitation to slow down and pay attention.

This post was originally shared on June 24, 2022 in Alex’s weekly email newsletter, Gratitude Weekly, and has been republished with permission. All photos by Alex Elle.

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Alex Elle

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