Explore the relationship between nature and gratefulness through this curated collection of resources.

Stories of Grateful Living

Making Grateful Living a Grateful DOing

by Kristi Nelson
The more that we allow our hearts to expand to love, deeply appreciate, and feel…

Nature’s Medicine

by Green Renaissance
In this joyful and meditative short film, 95-year-old Oom Johannes beautifully illustrates how to feel…

Digging Deeper

For continued exploration of connecting with nature, dive into these additional resources.

Persons arms wrapped around a tree trunk

Belonging in Nature

by The Grateful Living Team
Nature is one of the most resplendent and consistent sources of generosity and inspiration in…

Hope in a Climate Crisis: Conversation with Br. David and Dr. John England

by Jennifer England, Tension of Emergence
This illuminating conversation about hope in uncertain times features spirituality, science, storytelling, and wisdom shared…

This Love Poem Living Through You

by Greta Matos
Imagine for a moment: It’s your last day on this beautiful Earth. As you draw…

Finding Connection

by Green Renaissance
In this video, Ecotherapist and Guide Grant Hine speaks to the deep connectedness that can…

Earth Altars: A Practice for Grateful Living

by Laura Loescher
It was a meditative experience placing the first acorn, and the next, and letting the…
A Mighty Purpose - video by Green Renaissance

A Mighty Purpose

by Green Renaissance
In this video, Bronwen Lankers-Byrne inspires us to stand up for that which we hold…

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Zen Frogscape

by Lang Elliott
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Prayer Flags

by The Grateful Living Team
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Wood Thrush Dawn Chorus

by Lang Elliott