We are so glad to be able to report that our beloved Br. David Steindl-Rast continues to be actively engaged in life as he celebrates his 96th birthday at home in Austria. He is doing well and says that he is very grateful for that fact!

Br. David Steindl-Rast wearing white shirt with a hood, holds a walking cane beside a reflecting pool

Br. David in Argentina, May 2021

Br. David continues to write prolifically and we are excited to share the news that he has just completed his latest book in English, YOU ARE HERE: Key Words For Life Explorers. Dedicated to the young people of today, the book sums up the insights Br. David has gained in a lifetime of contemplation. It will be published by Orbis Books in March, 2023. Stay tuned for the chance to pre-order your copy soon! 

Most of us have not had the opportunity to see or hear Br. David in recent years, so we savored the two recent, inspiring resources below, and hope you do too! And if you’d like to write a birthday wish to Br. David and/or support his work by making a gift in his honor, please find these opportunities below the resources.

New Br. David Resources to Explore

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Silent Meditation for Peace
“’One is the human Spirit…’ Into this depth let us silently sink our roots. There lies our only source of peace.” –Br. David Steindl-Rast, from his meditation at the 30th Anniversary of the United Nations in 1975
In April 2022, our international partners at Dankbar Leben hosted this live peace meditation together with Vivir Agradecidos and Br. David. Enjoy the recording, which is presented primarily in German, English, and Spanish. Highlights include opening wisdom from Br. David about trust in life, a quote from Br. David read in eight different languages by people around the globe, and space for a silent meditation.


Tension of Emergence Podcast: Hope in a Climate Crisis – Br. David and Dr. John England
We usually think of hope as a sentimental emotion that solidifies what we want in life. But what if it meant something else entirely? In June 2022, Jennifer England of Tension of Emergence brought together spiritual teacher Br. David Steindl-Rast and climate scientist Dr. John England for an illuminating conversation about hope in uncertain times. Listen to the full 45-minute podcast, which features spirituality, science, storytelling, and wisdom shared between two friends.

Celebrate Br. David’s Birthday

If you have been inspired by Br. David words and spirit, and are moved to share your appreciation, we invite you to honor Br. David’s 96th birthday this week with a gift. We all benefit so much from his embodiment of wisdom and joy, and the world needs his generous guidance so much right now. Please join us in gratefully celebrating and preserving the overflowing gifts of Br. David’s amazing 96 years of life and teachings with the blessing of your support.

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