EDITOR’S NOTE: In July 2016, Gary Fiedel, co-founder of A Network for Grateful Living and Gratefulness.org, presented Brother David with a beautiful and lovingly-crafted workbook and gratitude journal. Inspired by Brother David’s teachings the book was produced and edited with great care by Gary along with his stepdaughter, Karie Jacobson. The following is an excerpt from Gary’s foreword to the workbook…

I personally have been profoundly affected by Brother David’s teachings. When I first met him 30 years ago, I hadn’t really thought about gratefulness much. I soon became a dedicated practitioner. In my experience, when I endeavor to remember to be grateful, I become more grateful, and life is better. The resources on the website have been a source of great inspiration for me. I’ve found the grateful “practices” to be particularly useful in building my grateful muscle.


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But I wanted a place to go “offline” where I could continue working on my practice. With Brother David’s encouragement, I put together a team, and we have adapted the practices to a book form. He came up with a simple but powerful way to approach a grateful practice: “STOP-LOOK-GO.” We hope that this book will become a special companion to you as you move through your life. By following the directions in each practice, you will actually feel more grateful. The act of writing and reflecting on the various aspects of the gifts we are given has been proven to literally increase our ability to feel grateful more often.

Brother David often says that if more people were grateful, the world would actually begin to change for the better. You can’t be grateful and hateful; you can’t be grateful and selfish. Gratefulness confers a host of benefits for the individual and for the world.

We are never more than one grateful thought away from peace of heart.

A favorite practice of mine comes directly from a quote by Brother David: “We are never more than one grateful thought away from peace of heart.” When I turn my attention to feeling grateful, I feel happy and blessed. My mind is at peace.

The practices in this book were created to cultivate gratitude and the joy, kindness and well-being that gratitude brings. My wish for you is that your life is happier and better as you learn to practice living gratefully.

Gratefully yours,
Gary Fiedel, Co-Founder Gratefulness.org and A Network for Grateful Living


Experience the joy of grateful living through practical instructions, exercises and essays. Using the STOP, LOOK, GO technique gratefully borrowed from Br. David Steindl-Rast, the book offers 32 exercises adapted from A Network for Grateful Living and The Greater Good Science Center that explore all aspects of grateful living. From the foundations of gratefulness to being grateful in hard times, this workbook and journal provides the building blocks to a grateful life. You can purchase Stop-Look-Go: A Grateful Practice Workbook and Gratitude Journal at Amazon.

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