When before the beauty of a sunset or a mountain, you pause and exclaim, “Ah,” you are participating in divinity. ~ Ancient Hindu text.

  1. It’s needed. People around the globe report increasing levels of stress. Studies show that not only does being grateful feel good and promote pro-social behavior, it is also good for our hearts, our relationships, our sleep and it reduces stress. Gratefulness is an antidote to the woes of the world.
  2. It’s quick. At just 5-minutes long, this video is a brief but effective tonic.
  3. It’s soothing. This short video stops us in our tracks, calms our nervous systems with gentle music and the voice of Benedictine monk, Br. David Steindl-Rast reminding us to look around and notice the everyday gifts of our lives.
  4. It’s instructional. The video encourages us to “look at the sky,” wonder at the miracle of electricity and running water, appreciate the ever-changing weather and the colors all around us. All of these reminders teach us how and where to look, connecting us with the many reasons we have to feel and to be grateful.
  5. It’s beautiful. Beauty uplifts, inspires, strengthens and connects us with something larger than ourselves — all necessary supports during challenging times. “When before the beauty of a sunset or a mountain, you pause and exclaim, “Ah,” you are participating in divinity.” ~ Ancient Hindu text.
  6. It’s true. Br. David speaks to a part of us that recognizes his words as truth. They invite us into a trusting recognition of the beauty and wonder that awaits us when we allow ourselves to slow down and be with what is right here in front of us.
  7. It’s connecting. At a time when nationalism and isolationism is on the rise in countries around the world, this video illustrates our shared humanity, smiles and potential to connect with and heal one another.
  8. It’s a gift. This video is for all of us. It’s free for us to watch, enjoy, and share with others. Feeling scared, lonely or lacking? Partake of this gift and remind yourself of the beauty and goodness in the world. Know someone who could use a lift? Share this gift — lift someone’s spirits and enjoy the gift of giving.