My father was a seanchaí (the Gaelic word for a storyteller/historian)—not by trade but in spirit. While many of his stories were drawn from his rather unusual life, the rest seemed to rise unbidden from his imagination. Seen through his eyes, the world became vividly alive. Today, while the stories’ contours have softened, it is that sense of aliveness and his profound curiosity that stay with and inspire me.

In a certain sense we are all weavers of stories, both individually and collectively. Some we have inherited through our culture, some through our experience, while others are woven into the fabric of our biology. These are the powerful narratives that underlie our lives – what we believe to be true about ourselves, others, and the world around us. And most importantly, what we believe is possible and…not.

In witnessing the heartbreak and growing crises in our world, many have suggested that we need a new story, one that is both grounded in science and yet speaks to our body, mind, heart, and soul.

For this practice, I invite you to be a storyteller, a bard, a visionary for humanity.

Be playful, be courageous! Call upon your muses!

You have been tasked with contributing to a new story. Use one or more of the following prompts to begin:

  • My brightest light allows me to see…
  • In a world where we all do what we love…
  • A world for which we could all be grateful would…
  • A world where we live in accordance with the truth of our interdependence…

Please share your responses to this invitation in the reflection area below.

Siobhan McClory

Siobhan McClory

About the author

Siobhan McClory is a certified Integral Master Coach™, mentor, professional photographer, evolutionary,  mother, and lover of the natural world. As a coach, she is committed to supporting those who wish to bring conscious and meaningful change to their lives. Learn more about her work at