Welcome to our practice. Let’s begin…

We invite you to close your eyes and take one or two slow, deep breaths. Then open your eyes and read today’s quote by Saint Mother Teresa: “Every act of love is a work of peace no matter how small.

  • Let the words in the quote sit with you for a moment or two.
  • What do you notice? Become aware of any feelings, sensations, thoughts, or images that might arise.
  • Then read the question: What small act of love can I offer today?

Whether it is offering an unexpected thank you, lifting a struggling earthworm off the sidewalk onto a grassy curb, taking muffins to the office, encouraging a service-provider to take their time, or treating ourselves kindly when we’ve made a mistake — what we do has an impact. A kind gesture? A listening ear? Can you see how such actions are, in themselves, peace-full? Ask yourself: What small act of love can I offer today?

Share your responses to any of the above in the reflection area below, write in a journal at home (or online), or simply let the quote and question accompany you throughout the day.

Notice how this exploration impacts you…and those around you.

It has been said that no act of love is ever, truly small. And imagining that our acts of love are actually each a work of peace stretches our sense of the importance and possibility of all that we offer. No kindness ever wasted. No action without a ripple effect. Everyday Gratitude, and grateful living, encourage us to know that whatever we offer from love is enough, is needed, and can help to nourish the heart of the world.

For further inspiration you might appreciate:

The Sun Never Says – a poem by Hafiz

Above All, Be Kind – a 2-minute video by John Lloyd

Love and Trust – a 5-minute video excerpt of a conversation between Jack Kornfield and Br. David Steindl-Rast

Daily Grateful Living Practice Ideas – 30 actions, many of which are small acts of love and will take just a few moments of your time.

The image above is excerpted from Everyday Gratitude © by A Network for Grateful Living; book design and lettering by Alethea Morrison; watercolors and cover illustration © Katie Eberts, with additional watercolors by Clikchic Designs; used with permission from Storey Publishing.

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Enjoy the full eight-day Everyday Gratitude practice series.