Infinite Love, we bless You for the unbounded blessings that descend on us from all sides. Truly You are constantly opening the sluice gates of heaven and pouring on us such blessings that there often seems no room to receive them all – or even to number them. We bless you for the incredible beauty and abundance of nature that is pouring its gifts on us season after season, year after year.

We bless You for the innumerable people who cross our paths and enter our lives and enrich our existence by their different vision of things and the challenges they force us to face.

We thank you for that quite incredible support machine You have given us called the human body. Its intricate workings simply defy any attempt to describe it and the greatest scientists can only bow their heads in front of its perfection that defies our wildest imagination.

We bless you for our daily bread which takes such varied forms, and for homes that offer support, warmth and peace.

We bless you for the innumerable difficulties that are as many opportunities to grow, expand our horizons and love more.

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From 365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World.

Posted with kind permission of Pierre Pradervand.