Are you drawn to deepen your conversations? Or turn them towards what may be uplifting, inspiring or transformative? The following are some questions to spark grateful conversation. These questions will help you identify or reflect on the gifts in your life that you may otherwise miss. They also offer an opportunity to share in meaningful ways and discover new things about others that you may not already know.

Ideas for Using These Questions

If gathering virtually, consider taking turns posting a question in the “chat.” If gathering in person, a fun way to work with these questions is to write them out on little pieces of paper (or download and print this PDF), cut and fold them up and put them in a bowl. Choose a time when you are gathered with others, then pass the bowl around and invite folks to pick out a piece of paper and answer the question. You might consider inviting the youngest reader to pick the first question.

Conversation Starters

  1. What am I grateful for in my life right now? Why?
  2. What blessings does this season offer in my life?
  3. What situation is offering me the opportunity to handle it gracefully?
  4. What has surprised me lately?
  5. What makes me hopeful?
  6. When I consider a difficult situation and the impact it had on me, can I identify an aspect of the situation (or impact) that I can feel grateful about?
  7. Who inspires me? How?
  8. What unexpected things have brought me gratitude?
  9. What challenging situations have brought out the best in me?
  10. Who might I be wrong about?
  11. What act of kindness did I notice or experience today?
  12. How might I show appreciation for the people in my life?
  13. What can I commit to not taking for granted from this moment forward?

Thank you for opening your eyes and heart to contributing to a grateful holiday season and a grateful world!

You can download or print these Grateful Conversation Starters here.

For more ways to express gratefulness, please visit our Practice Space to send an eCardLight a Candle and respond to our Daily Question.

We hope these questions evoke depth, tenderness and joy and we welcome suggestions of additional questions to include in our collection. Please share your questions, or experience of conversations prompted by these questions, in the reflection area below.