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I fell down like a million times , and I’m still falling, but life, is still good
I have this written list of pains, and I’m still writing, but life, is still good
I never had money, I never had fame, the closest friend to me was pain, but life, is still good
friends they come and friends they go, and family that’s sometimes the biggest no no, but life, is still good

so count them all, your blessings every day
Gratitude, to whatever come what may
nothing can, touch the joy that’s deep inside
don’t you know, you’re a universal child

when sickness came I fed it hope, each night and morning, that life, is still good
the man who laid there next to me, his last words before dying, was life, is still good
you can’t afford, a this or that, but it has no bearing, on life, is still good
and every heartache and every pain, is a chance for learning, that life, is still good

so live it life, in fullness every day
breathe it in, like it will run away
express it now, there’s joy down deep inside
discover you, and don’t be afraid to cry

I failed at most things that I tried, and how it cut and bruised my pride, but life, is still good
and after years of getting nowhere, I’m still standing in the stratosphere, of life, is still good
and every time you want to complain, use that breath and use your brain, to say, life is still good
so if feel weak of if feel strong, remember these words and sing along, that life, is still good
is still good
is still good
is still good
is still good

Shared by kind permission of the artist. © 2017 Gideon Greer. All rights reserved.

Gideon Greer is a singer/songwriter from Trinidad and Tobago doing Raw Radical Gritty Freethinking Non-Superficial Grassroots Socially Conscious Music that Advocates for an Ethical Green Global Community and a Just World! To hear more of Gideon’s music, visit his page on Ethnocloud.

“Music is such a powerful force and medium and it should not be used for entertainment purposes alone, but to help educate, inspire, and be a change agent, as it is the food for our souls.” ~ Gideon Greer

Joy Resilience