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Your body calls for deep awe and appreciation as it gives tangible experience to life through its brilliant and resilient form. Consider some of the amazing things your body does for you in a given day, much of it without your conscious effort: creating new cells, metabolizing food into energy, breathing, moving against gravity, physically expressing thoughts and feelings, taking in the world around you through your senses… 


Throughout your day, gently carry the intention to appreciate your body. You might focus on a specific part, marveling at the intricacy of its anatomy and the genius of how it works. Experiment with expressing appreciation toward parts of yourself that may feel difficult as well as toward those parts that feel good. Tune in to the subtleties of each of your senses, noticing how rich the experience can be when you’re deeply present. When you pause to acknowledge your body, place your hand on your heart and say, “Wow, thank you.” Observe how this practice makes you feel, noticing any sensations or emotions that arise. 

How does regarding your body with wonder impact you?

What can you love about and savor through your body and your senses?

Should you be inspired, please leave a reflection below…

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This practice is inspired by Mary Jean Irion’s sublime meditation A Normal Day. Explore the full seven-day A Normal Day practice.