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Waiting can often feel frustrating, but we can reframe the experience as an opportunity to tune into the wonder of the world around us. Reflect on simply having found yourself wherever it is you are, among any people who are also there, the sheer chance of the moment and all it contains, the hum of activity or silence that fills the space, an unexpected occurrence you happen to witness. Reflect on the chance to appreciate your body, the weather, the details of your environment, the miracle of being alive…


Throughout your day, gently carry the intention to appreciate any moments of waiting–whether in line at the store, at a red light, on the phone, or even waiting for your computer to load–that occur. Refrain from “occupying” yourself during this time. Observe any resistance or disappointment you may feel about your expectations not being met, and open to the possibility of being content with what is. Try simply taking in your surroundings with a sense of wonder for all that is happening right here, right now. When you find yourself embracing the gifts of waiting, say, “Wow, thank you.” Observe how this practice makes you feel, noticing any sensations or emotions that arise. 

How does appreciating moments of waiting impact you?

What can waiting allow you to more fully love and learn?

Should you be inspired, please leave a reflection below…

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This practice is inspired by Mary Jean Irion’s sublime meditation A Normal Day. Explore the full seven-day A Normal Day practice.