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Our interactions and relationships with others can open us up to abundant beauty, joy, curiosity, and insight. Consider simple acts of kindness like a smile or someone holding the door open; the different perspectives, skills, and ways of being to which others can introduce us; the incredibly complex and fascinating ways we communicate with one another; the mere chance of our being in the company of others at all…


Throughout your day, gently carry the intention to be present in and fully appreciate any moments of connection with others. Try to actively listen to others. Try to make eye contact and smile when you feel moved. Try to embrace moments of engagement with others even when they feel unexpected or challenging or “in the way.” Sense how leaning into an interaction with your full body and heart can change the relationship, opening you to perhaps surprising discoveries about the other person and even yourself. When you find yourself present in moments of connection with others, say, “Wow, thank you.” Observe how this practice makes you feel, noticing any sensations or emotions that arise. 

How does more deeply appreciating moments of connection impact you?

What can you learn, love, and savor through your connections with others?

Should you be inspired, please leave a reflection below…

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This practice is inspired by Mary Jean Irion’s sublime meditation A Normal Day. Explore the full seven-day A Normal Day practice.