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On this final day of our practice, we return to the wonder of a “Normal Day,” a day that unfolds much as any other day. Let us savor this normalcy and treasure it, knowing that it could be (and one day will be) otherwise. As we change our story and relationship to what we understand as normal, taking nothing for granted and opening to wonder, we can experience and express an attendant gratitude which changes us and, ultimately, changes the world…


Write down five things you feel you “have” to do in the course of a normal day or week, such as wash dishes, pay bills, or commute to work. Now, write those same things with the first three words, “I get to,” and end with, “when so many people cannot.” Notice how it feels to view your responsibilities as blessings or privileges and say, “Wow, thank you.” Observe how this practice makes you feel, noticing any sensations or emotions that arise. 

How does reframing normal tasks and moments with wonder and appreciation impact you?

What have you come to learn, love, and savor more deeply through these days of practice?

How might you continue to treasure your normal days through a lens of wonder and gratitude?

Should you be inspired, please leave a reflection below…

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This practice is inspired by Mary Jean Irion’s sublime meditation A Normal Day. Explore the full seven-day A Normal Day practice.