“When change comes, you gotta slow down and take note of it.
In the midst of that change is all the possibility in the world.”

~ Dr. Bertice Berry

closeup of dandelion in front of a dark background

Our lives are constantly changing, as is the world around us. The global pandemic is a most poignant reminder of this truth. In these times of deep disruption, our longest-held rituals certainly provide some of the guidance, centering, and healing we most need. And yet there’s a call, an unexpected opportunity, to take stock of how we do things. Which of our rituals continue to nourish our lives, express our values, deepen our sense of wonder and awe? And which are in need of our tending — a thoughtful tune-up, if you will. Which might you even be ready to release in order to create space for something new?

  • Begin with Gratitude. “In this moment, I’m grateful…”  
  • Reflect. Once grounded in gratefulness, take time to do some reflective writing guided by the following questions: Is there a ritual that is important to me but has somehow become disconnected from its intended purpose? Are the rituals in my life aligned with my values? Do my holiday rituals satisfy my soul? Does my daily ritual nourish me in the ways it once did?
  • Tune Up/Let Go. Explore these questions and see where they take you. It’s possible you’ll find that there’s nothing you want to change and that your reflection is deeply affirming. How wonderful! For most of us, though, we will likely land on an opportunity to deepen, revise, or even let go. If so, how will you go about making this change? Whose support might you need? If you’re ready, commit to some next steps for starting the tune-up process.

Deepening Resource:

The Renewing Power of Ritual by Fabiana Fondevila

We invite you to share your reflections below.

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