“At first, we might feel awkward creating a ritual from scratch. But we can trust the ritual intelligence that inspired our ancestors (and that we have inherited, whether we know it or not), decide what it is we want to consecrate (make sacred) with our time and attention, and find the words and the gestures that feel natural for us.” ~ Fabiana Fondevila

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Building on your reflection and exploration the past five days, we hope you’re feeling ready to consider what new rituals might be called for in your life right now — and to go about creating them! While certain of our rituals are connected to communal traditions that may not be ours to easily change, there’s much that is ripe for our care and creation. Today’s practice is an invitation to spend time exploring where ritual is needed in your life but doesn’t yet exist — and how you might go about creating something new. Where is there a longing, and how can you respond through ritual? We’ll focus on a personal ritual today and move to the communal as part of the last day’s practice.

  • Begin with Gratitude. Again return to your breathing and gratefulness practice, this sweet ritual.
  • Reflect. A gentle place to begin this creative endeavor is to ask yourself what you’re yearning for or needing more of in your life. Is it more play and joy? More movement? Healing of mind or body? Quiet and solitude? Connection with friends? Spaciousness to take in the changes in our world?
  • Create a Ritual. Once you’ve clarified what you’d like to nurture more of, let yourself begin imagining a simple ritual that would create space for this. For some, this may feel intuitive and easy. For others, more challenging. Helpful things to consider: What artifacts might you include? Music, a candle, a book of poems? Virtual connection with others? A walk to a special place? An expression of gratitude? Play with sketching out something simple. Try it out. Allow it to evolve over time and be open to the possibilities that emerge. 

Deepening Resource:

Earth Altars: A Practice for Grateful Living by Laura Loescher

We invite you to share your reflections below.

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Enjoy the full seven-day Tending the Rituals of Our Lives practice.