When I was going through a season of shedding, I quickly discovered that everyone couldn’t continue on the journey with me — and it hurt. It was challenging. I went backward more times than I could count because letting go felt too painful. Looking back, I am incredibly grateful for every shortcoming and failure along the way. Each step is what made me who I am today. I didn’t always feel this way, though — especially when I was in the thick of it.

Evolving and changing is hard work. It’s something we must intentionally commit to doing on a daily basis. Leaning into gratitude while we do our soul work will stretch us in ways we cannot imagine. What I’ve discovered on this path is how messy and isolating healing is — giving myself permission to not have to clean things up all at once has shown me how to be compassionate with myself and grateful for the growth — even if it causes discomfort. As we heal, we find out things about ourselves and others that need to be unpacked and, at times, left behind. Forever or for a little while. That alone has made me really thankful for the path I’ve chosen to embark on.

Peace of mind is sacred, and as I embark deeper into my healing journey, I realize just how necessary gratitude is.

Releasing to make room doesn’t have to be a battle. It doesn’t need to be disorienting. We start to make peace with our suffering when we stop the internal struggle. Confronting things head-on in our growing and shedding seasons creates self-trust. I’ve learned that letting go has to be a part of the process. As I evolve into the woman I want to be, I’m committed to creating clarity in my life. I’m making room for less confusion and more space for calm. Peace of mind is sacred, and as I embark deeper into my healing journey, I realize just how necessary gratitude is.

Facing our feelings and thoughts head-on can create confidence, emotional safety, and clarity in our lives.

I learned years ago that honest internal communication goes hand in hand with walking away from what and who no longer elevates or aligns with our path in life. I’m grateful that I’m learning to advocate for myself by sitting with my growing pains. Turning away from what isn’t comfortable to look at doesn’t make it go away. Facing our feelings and thoughts, head-on can create confidence, emotional safety, and clarity in our lives.

I am protecting my peace by sitting with myself as I grow.

I am grateful for the opportunity to bear witness to the changes I am making.

I know things feel hard, but I find gratitude in the most challenging moments.

I am giving myself permission to let go of things that are no longer aligned with growth.

I am capable of healing and finding gratitude through the process.

I am giving myself permission to stretch my wings and fly towards the best version of me that I can be.

What has letting go taught you about shedding?

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This post was originally shared in Alex’s weekly email newsletter, Gratitude Weekly, and has been republished with permission. All photos by Alex Elle.

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Alex Elle is an author, certified breathwork coach, and Restorative Writing teacher living in Maryland with her family. Writing came into her life by way of therapy and the exploration of healing through journaling and mindfulness. The intention behind Alex’s work is to build community & self-care practices through literature & language. Alex teaches workshops, courses, and retreats to assist others in finding their voices and create clarity in their lives & relationships. Her new book, How We Heal, will be released In November 2022, and is available for preorder at alexelle.com.