…the secret recipe of abundance, is abundance leads to abundance, and nothing else will. We often think that we can use something else to get what we want…we can use effort or willpower and get abundance, but my experience shows me that you get more of whatever it is that you’re doing.

In the short (12:27) audio clip below, Jeff Carreira shares the “secret” of manifesting abundance:

You can live lack with a lot of money, just as well as you can live lack with just a little bit of money. You can live lack with any lifestyle you want.

In this (20:00) guided meditation, Jeff Carreira invites us to reflect upon what we are grateful for and that which is abundant in our lives:

Questions for Reflection:

  • What are you passionate about?
  • To what extent is your passion the center of your life? Consider all domains–your career, your spiritual life, your primary relationships, etc.
  • What fears arise when you think about making your life about your passion?
  • What possibilities open up when you create space for your passion?

Please share your reflections below.

Jeff Carreira is a mystical philosopher, spiritual guide, teacher, writer and lecturer. If you ask Jeff what he is most excited about he will reply without hesitation—“cultivating the conditions for the emergence of a new paradigm by supporting as many individuals as possible to articulate their deepest realization of truth.” The 12-minute audio clip was edited from Manifesting Abundance a workshop given by Jeff Carreira and Susan Kullman in June, 2018 at the Aligned Center in Irvington, NY. To learn more, visit: jeffcarreira.com.