“The seed holds a very great secret—it never gets old.
It is the eternal YES to life.”
~ Anat Vaughan-Lee


Listen to this meditation (7:34), guided by Rose Zonetti:

Find yourself in a comfortable position. Begin by taking a few deep breaths. Close your eyes or assume a soft gaze. Feel the places where your body connects with the ground, and feel the ground support you as it connects with these places.

Imagine that you are in a place that holds meaning for you. It could be familiar or unfamiliar. You are gently moving, with intention but without rush. Notice the ground upon which you move – perhaps it is soft grass, a dusty dirt path, concrete, or even an indoor floor. You carry with you a small bag containing a most sacred gift: a seed of possibility, born from your gratefulness. You are on a journey to plant this seed.

Your destination comes into view. Perhaps it is a tilled garden bed, a field, the woods, or a room with a container – even just a cup. When you arrive, you take a moment to root yourself. You might say hello to this place, open your senses to the surrounding area, take a few deep breaths, audibly sigh. Consider what preparation might be needed for planting: You might begin by asking permission or expressing thanks. Is the soil that will hold this seed ready for sowing or might it need some tending? Are there any weeds or stones that need to be cleared to allow space for your seed to take root and grow? Is there any other action that might help make this act of seed planting feel like a sacred ceremony?

When you’re ready, take out your small bag and pour the seed into your hand. Remembering that the essence of this seed is sourced in gratefulness, gently close your fist. Tune into the possibility that exists within this seed. What wants to emerge from this seed – as an extension of your grateful heart? Imagine the seed buried in nutritive soil, germinating with light and water, growing roots and stem and leaves and flowers and soon more seeds so that the cycle may continue. What takes shape? What flourishes? How and who and what might this growth nourish?

Place your seed in the soil. As an act of completion, you may want to set an intention, say a blessing, and/or express gratitude. Leave this place, trusting that your seed will grow.

Slowly bring awareness back to your body and the space in which you find yourself. Take a few deep breaths to close this meditation.



After the meditation, spend some time reflecting on the following questions:

What would it look like to plant the seed for a vision you’ve been holding? For an idea that has sparked your curiosity? Or for a collective movement? 

Once you’ve planted your seed, how can you best tend it so that it may grow?